New Treasury ID Proposal Form - New Teachers Treasury ID Proforma

New Treasury ID Proposal Form - New Teachers Treasury ID Proforma. Treasury is the Department which deals with Salaries of Employees and Teachers. Every New Employee has to obtain Treasury ID Number. This Number is Permanent Number for them. All the Financial Transactions, Salaries related Transaction of the employees will be done using their Treasury ID Numbers only.
New Teachers Salaries will be processed Only After allotment of Treasury Id Number

New Treasury ID Proposal Form - New Teachers Treasury ID Proforma

For obtaining Treasury ID Number, Every Employee has to submit their proposal form for Treasury ID Number.

The Proposal Form contains the below columns.
1) Department Code :
2) D.D.O. Code :
3) a) First Name :
b) Middle Name :
c) Surname :
4) Gender( Male / Female ) :
5) Martial Status (*) :
6) Spouse Name :
7) Employment of Spouse (**) :
8) Sector Code With Description (*****) :
9) Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) :
10)Date of Joining into Service :
11)Catg(AIS/GAZ/NGO/Class IV) :

Here the Department Code for Edn Department is 2202. 
For DDO Code contact your MEO/HM. Remaining are the Personal Details. 
Note: Write Your Name Properly without any mistakes. 

How to submit the Form

Here are the steps to submit the Form.
  • Fill the Treasury ID Proposal Form without any mistakes.
  • Sign on the Left Side of the Form. Get the Form duly signed and stamped by the MEO/HM.
  • Now the Form should be sent to STO Office for countersign of STO along with the Covering Letter of DDO/MEO/HM.
  • After taking counter sign of STO, the Form should be submitted to DTO Office for generation of Treasury ID Number.
  • Within a Week the Treasury ID number is Generated at DTO Office concerned.


  1. Hi Zakir, thank you for posting the download link to the treasury ID proposal forum. This is a huge help for new teachers. In behalf of review of ghost professors and many teachers. Thank you very much..

  2. sir im working as secondary grade teacher.
    now i am pregnant with 9 months.
    i want to update my personal details (gender:female instead of male).so that i can apply for maternity leave.can you please help me how to change my gender details..


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