AP District DEO Websites - AP 13 Districts Official DEO District Educational Offices Websites

AP ALL DISTRICT DEO WEBSITES - AP 13 District DEO Office Websites District Educational Offices Websites. All District Education Offices Websites in Andhra Pradesh. Here is all the 13 District DEO Websites for latest Information on All Seniority Lists and other information. The District Education Officer Websites displays all the Educational, Govt Schools information in That Specific District. All District Educational Office Websites in Andhra Pradesh Latest links.

All District DEO Websites - AP 13 District DEO District Educational Offices Websites

District Name www.apteachers.inWebsite Link
DEO Srikakulam Website https://sites.google.com/site/deosklorg/
DEO Vizianagaram Website https://sites.google.com/site/deovizianagaram/
DEO Visakhapatnam Website https://sites.google.com/site/deovizag2/
DEO East Godavari  Website http://deoeg.org/
DEO West Godavari  Website http://deowg.org/
DEO Krishna  Website https://deoksn.weebly.com/
DEO Guntur  Website http://deognt.blogspot.com/
DEO Prasakam  Website http://deoprakasam.co.in/
DEO Nellore  Website http://www.deonellore.50webs.com/
DEO Chittoor  Website https://www.deochittoor.in/
DEO Kurnool  Website https://deokrnl13.blogspot.com/
DEO Kadapa  Website http://kadapadeo.in/
DEO Anantapuram  Website https://deoananthapuramu.blogspot.com/