Earned Leave Rules ELs Rules for AP TS Earned Leaves Full Guide

Earned Leave Rules ELs Rules for AP TS Earned Leave Full Guide. EARNED LEAVE "EL". Earned Leave Rules, EL Rules, EL Rules for Andhra Pradesh Employees AP Teachers, Telangana Employees, TS Teachers. This is an attempt to bring the Complete Information on Earned Leaves ELs for Employees and Teachers in AP & Telangana State. In this Post, we will discuss with Rules of ELs, How the ELs are credited, EL Account, Accumulation of Earned Leaves, Availment of ELs, "Earned Leave" is the Leave earned by the Employee in his Service. The Details of the Earned Leaves for AP & TG are found in Annexure-III, FR & SR, AP Leave Rules 1933:: 8-12,17-18 & 20 of AP LR. Any period of recess which exceeds 15 days in duration shall be treated as a vacation (SR 2 FR 82). If an employee enjoys not more than 15 days of vacation, he shall be considered to have availed himself of no portion of it. (SR 6 FR 82)

Earned Leave Rules ELs Rules for AP TS Earned Leave Full Guide

Key Points and Earned Leave ELs Details in brief:
  • All temporary and permanent employees are eligible for Earned Leave. 
  • Earned Leave is earned for duty and leave period also except EOL. 
  • Earned Leave credit is an advance credit 
  • Earned Leave Rules has been liberalized along with AP Leave Rules w.e.f. 01.01.1978. 
  • EL / Earned Leave will be credited, in Advance, in two spells on 1st Jan. and on 1st July every year. 
  • The credit for all temporary employees is 8 days for calendar half year. 
  • The credit for all permanent Non Vacation Department employees is 15 days for calendar half year and maximum 30 days per year. 
  • All the permanent employees will Earn leave at 2 ½ days for each completed month of service. Credit for fraction of month is to be ignored. 
  • If appointed Temp. in the middle of the half year, credit for first two months will be one day each, third month two days and so on. 
  • If the employee is on EOL, during the preceding half year the advance credit for the present half year will be reduced by 1/10 of the period of EOL taken during the preceding half year subject to a maximum of 15/8 days. (G.O.Ms.No.384 F&P dt:5-11-77). Previous Limits for Max accumulation for Permanent Superior Employees From 01.06.1964 to 30.06.1983 - 180 days From 01.07.1983 to 15.09.2005 - 240 days.
  • Any period of recess which exceeds 15 days in duration shall be treated as a vacation (SR 2 FR 82)
  • If an employee enjoys not more than 15 days of vacation, he shall be considered to have availed himself of no portion of it. (SR 6 FR 82)
  • If a Govt. servant of vacation department does duties during vacation and separately remunerated, he should not be considered as having been deprived of vacation. (SR 15 FR 82) 
Sl.  No. 
Type of employees
Earning Capacity
Employees - Non Vacation Department
1 Regular Superior (from 01.01.78) and Regular Inferior (from 10.01.1983) Advance credit of 15 days for every half year on 1st Jan & 1st July (G.O.Ms.No.384, F&P (FR.I) Dept., Dt.05.11.77 and G.O.Ms.No.9, F&P (FW.FR.I) Dept., Dt.10.01.83) (i) 180 days upto Dt.30.06.83

(ii) 240 days from Dt.01.07.83

(iii) 300 days from Dt.16.09.2005          G.O.Ms.No.232, Fin. (FR.I) Dept., dated :16.09.2005
Max of 180 days at a time (LR 11) (G.O.Ms.No. 153, Fin.(FR.I) Dept., Dt.04.05.10) Max of 120 days at a time for LGS (LR 17)
2 Others (Non- Permanent) Advance credit of 8 days per half year on 1st Jan & 1st July 30 days Leave at credit to a maximum of 30days (LR 22)
Vacation Department / Teachers
1 Teachers / Regular employees  in superior services 1/11th  of duty minus 30 days or a portion  of 30 days equal to the vacation taken and full period of vacation. From Dt.01.11.89 the reduction is 28 days instead of 30 days in respect of teachers (G.O.Ms.No.354, Edn., Dt.20.11.89)

(As per G.O.Ms.No.317 Dated :15-9-1994, Teachers are eligible for 6 days Earned Leave per annum subject to the provisions of F.R.82. The Earned Leave shall be credited in advance in two installments of 3 days each on first day of January/July of every year.
(i) 180 days upto Dt.30.06.83,
(ii) 240 days from Dt.01.07.83
 (iii) 300 days from Dt.16.09.2005 G.O.Ms.No.232, Fin. (FR.I) Dept., dated :16.09.2005
Max of 180 days at a time (LR 11) (G.O.Ms.No. 153, Fin.(FR.I) Dept., Dt.04.05.10) Max of 120 days at a time for LGS (LR 17)
2 Non- permanent in Superior services and Permanent and Regular employees in Last Grade Service 1/22nd of duty minus 15 days or a portion of 15 days equal to the vacation taken and full period of vacation 30 Days Leave at Credit
3 Non- permanent in Last Grade Service Not eligible for earned leave (APLR 20(1)).

Method of Crediting the EL in EL account 

Regular Employees:
  1. If a Govt. servant is appointed regularly, month in which he has been appointed should be ignored if it is after 1st, and for the number of completed months in that half year, advance credit should be given at the rate of 2 ½ days for each month in that half year. The credit to be given should be rounded to nearest day, 0.5 should be taken as one day and less than 0.5 should be ignored. 
  2. If a Govt. servant is due to retire during a middle of half year, the fact of which is known either on 1st January or 1st July, advance credit should be given for the number of months he is likely to be in service in that half year but not for the entire half year. 
  3. After giving advance credit either on 1st January or on 1st July for the entire half year, if a Govt. servant has quit the service during the middle of half year, due to resignation or voluntary retirement or death or medical invalidation or compulsory retirement, the last credit entry already recorded either on 1st January or 1st July should be revised taking into consideration of the number of completed months of his service in that half year. 
  4. As a result of such revision in cases of types mentioned in above sub paragraph, if the leave account runs into minus balance, the leave salary already paid equivalent to minus balance should be recovered if he has quit the service on his own accord, like resignation or voluntary retirement. But such recovery need not be made in case of an event beyond his control like Death, Medical Invalidation or compulsory retirement. 
Additional Credit to Police Personnel: 
  1. In addition to the credit of Earned Leave in EL account, 30 days of additional credit should be given in two instalments at the rate of 15 days on 1st January & 15 days on 1st July to the Police Personnel of the rank of Inspectors and below including those working in intelligence, crime branch, Armed Reserve, AP Special Police, Police Communications, Police Transport Organisation, Tester, Sub Inspector of Finger Printer Bureau and service reporters and shorthand bureau. (G.O.Ms.No.187, Fin. & Plg. Dept., Dt.29.06.79, G.O.Ms.No.323, Fin. & Plg. Dept., Dt.11.11.80, G.O.Ms.No.355, Fin.&Plg. Dt.17.12.80)
Credit of ELs for Staff working in Schools:
  • All regular teaching and non-teaching staff in the educational institutions who are availing summer vacations were credited 3 days of EL upto 31.10.1989 and 5 days of EL upto 15.09.94. Now they shall be eligible for 6 days earned leave per annum, subject to the provision of FR 82. The earned leave shall be credit in advance in two instalments of 3days each on first of January / July of every year. (G.O.Ms.No.317, Education (Ser.V) Dept., Dt.15.09.94). 
Earned Leave Preservation for Teachers:
  • Government delegated the powers to the Heads of Departments concerned to reserve proportionate leave to the extent the teachers under their control are prevented from utilization summer vacations due to attending Enumeration, Preparation or Revision of Electoral Rolls and Census etc., based on the certificate issued by the appropriate appointing authority, and that EL need not be given if they are asked simply to be available at Headquarters. (G.O.Ms.No.161, Education (Ser.V) Dept., Dt.14.11.2000).
Recasting of Earned leave account
  • When a Government servant is appointed temporarily in the first instance and placed on probation at a subsequent date with retrospective effect his leave account should be recast with effect from the date of regularization o his service- Ruling under FR rule 20.
  • The leave availed between the date from which his services are regularized and the date of issue of orders shall not e altered as a result of the additional leave that becomes due after recasting the leave account.
  • The additional leave that becomes due as a result of recasting of the leave account shall be availed of only after later date.

Earned Leave Rules in Telugu in Brief


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