ELs Calculation Formula - Earned Leaves Software Online ELs Calculator

ELs Calculation Formula -  Earned Leaves Calculator, ELs Software. We have already discussed in detailed about Earned Leaves. Now let us discuss the ELs Calculation Formula. How much ELs we get when we work in Summer Vacations. When Trainings, Election Duties and other duties are assigned, the Earned Leaves are to be preserved in proportionate to the Vacation Department Employees or Teachers. Teachers Summer Duties ELs Calculation Formula is given below. This Earned Leave Calculation Formula is applicable for both AP and Telangana / TS States Teachers. Earned Leave / EL Calculation Formula Software. Encashment of Earned Leave/ EL.
let us discuss the Earned Leve details below.

ELs Calculation Formula -  Earned Leaves Software ELs Calculator

Earned Leave / EL to be Preserved  as per (LR 9(a), 17(1) and Note 1 of LR 20(ii)) is:

{ [Duty Period/11 – (27 x Vacation availed/ Total vacation Days)] –  6 }

  1. Earned Leave at credit will lapse if interruption in service other than leave occurs in the service of a non-permanent Govt. servant.(APLR 24).
  2. From 01.01.1978, the order sanctioning Earned Leave, Half Pay Leave to Govt. Servant shall indicate the balance of such leave at his credit. (G.O.Ms.No.384, Fin. & Plg. (FW.FR.I) Dept., Dt.05.11.77).
Key Points to be Noted:
  1. Any period of recess which exceeds 15 days in duration shall be treated as a vacation (SR2 FR 82)
  2. If an employee enjoys not more than 15 days of vacation, he shall be considered to have availed himself of no portion of it. (SR6 FR 82)
  3. If a Govt. servant of vacation department does duties during vacation and separately remunerated, he should not be considered as having been deprived of vacation. (SR 15 FR 82).
As per the above Formula we observe that:
  1. Total Vacation Days should be taken in account for calculating the ELs to be preserved. (Some are taking summer vacation as 49 days, but it is not correct. It may change depending on the closing day and reopening day). Basing on the Total Summer Vacation, the ELs also will change.
  2. Maximum Number of ELs per year restricted to 30.
  3. Basing on the Rules Below ELs Calculation Software is designed which gives the exact value of Earned Leaves to be preserved. 


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