Maternity Leave, Abortion Leave to Female State Govt Employees-Full Guide || GO.152 Dt 4.5.2010

Complete Guide on Maternity Leave, Abortion Leave, Miscaarriage Leave to Female State AP Govt Employees. GO.152 Dated 4.5.2010. As per the Present rules, The ML can be granted to the married women employees of the AP State up to 180 days on par with the employees of Government of India subject to the condition that the same would be available up to 2 surviving children only.
Maternity Leave to State Govt Women Employees Complete Details
ML (henceforth ML means Maternity Leave) may be combined with leave of any other kind, but any leave applied for in continuation of the former may be granted only if the request be supported by a medical certificate. Regular Leave in continuation of ML may also be granted in case of a illness of newly born baby, subject to the female Government servant producing a medical certificate to the effect that the condition of the ailing baby warrants mother's personal attention and her presence by the baby's side is absolutely necessary (GO.2391 Finance, Dated 3-9-1960)

Maternity Leave to State Government Employees - The Complete Guide

Maternity Leave Related Orders in Brief

Lr.No.853/FR-2/2012 Finance Dated 22.1.2013 Increments during ML
As per the Letter the Director of School Education has clarified that the clarification given in the Memo.49463-A/2111/FR.III/74-1, Dated 6.10.1974 of Finance Department should be followed in terms of awarding Increments while in Maternity Leave also.
  • An Employee during leave, draws leave salary and not duty pay. An increment accruing during the leave cannot, therefore, be drawn during leave. The increment in such cases will be drawn from the date of resumption of duty on return from leave.As the Maternity leave is on par with E.L. the clarification shall apply in case of ML also.

GO.84 Dated 17.9.2012: MEO/Gz HM can sanction ML  for 180 Days
Govt has amended the GO.70 Dated 6-7-2009 and ordered that
  • The Mandal Educational Officer (Gz. Head Master of High School) shall have the authority to grant Casual leave/Special Casual Leave (Special Casual Leave when permitted by the Government) and also other types of leave upto 4 months to the Head Misters and other teachers of Primary and Upper Primary Schools (High Schools) in the Mandal, and in respect of ML to lady teachers upto 180 days, in terms of G.O.Ms.No.152, Finance (FR.I) Dept, dt:04-05-2010, subject to the condition that the Head Masters and teachers report back to the same school from where they went on leave and continue to work there.

GO.152 Dt 4.5.10-Maternity Leave 180 Days to State Govt Women Employees
  • Government accepted the recommendations of the PRC 2010 and ordered that the Maternity leave on full pay to married women employees of State Government is enhanced from 120 days to 180 days on par with the employees of the Govt. of India subject to the condition that it shall be granted to those with less than two surviving children only.

L.Dis.No.1941/G2/90, Dt.11.06.1990 Maternity Leave - Dead Baby
  • All the District Development Officers in the State are informed that Government in their Govt. Memo.No.2665/Ser.IV-2 Edn., Dt. 29.12.1988  has issued orders in one instance case that ML of 90 Days may be given even if a dead baby is delivered.
  • In view of the above, all the District Development Officers in the State are requested to sanction 90 days of ML to Women Candidates who delivered a dead baby. Hence Women Employees who delivered a Dead Baby are eligible for ML.

Rc.No.29/C3-4/2003 Dated:25-01-2003-Promotion while in Maternity Leave
  • All the District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to permit the teachers who are on ML and get promotion at the time of availing ML  to join in the promotion posts after expiry of ML

G.O.Ms.No.463 Dated:4-5-1979-Maternity Leave during Summer Vacation
The government after careful consideration direct that the female teachers working in educational institutions under local bodies i.e., Zilla parishads, Panchayat Samithis and Municipal Councils and Aided Managements, shall also be granted ML for a period of 90days from the date of its commencement the period being regulated as follows;
  • If it falls during the working period of the school year, 90 days may be sanctioned as ML.
  • If it falls during the vacation period 90 days leave may be granted subject to the condition that after enjoying the vacation the residuary period if any , shall be treated as ML subject to a maximum of 3 months.

GO.38 Dated. 18-3-1992 and GO.37 Dated 26-2-1996 ML-upto Two Children -irrespective of the No. of Children born in the 2nd confinement.
  • As per GO.38 Govt has ordered that the ML in cases of confinement shall be granted to female government servant with less than two children.
  • As per GO.37 Govt has clarified that "If only one child born out of earlier deliveries, is alive the female Government servant is eligible for the grant of ML for subsequent confinement. It is, therefore clarified that irrespective of the facts that whether a single child was born or Twins were born on the second or subsequent confinements a female Government servant shall be eligible for the grant of ML, if only one child born earlier - is alive.

Abortion Leave to State Govt Women Employees- Complete Information

The provisions of the above rules shall apply to the grant of maternity leave in cases of confinement and shall apply to such leave in cases of miscarriage subject to the following modifications, namely:
  1. that the leave does not exceed Six weeks, and
  2. that the application for the leave is supported by a certificate from the registered Medical Practitioner.
Important Orders in support of Abortion Leave:
  • Cir.Memo.No.2415/401/FR.I/2006 Dated 1.7.2006-The Miscarriage including Abortion Leave also has to be granted by the Competent authority to the married female Govt Servants to those with less than two Surviving Children. This Leave should not exceed Six Weeks-Click Here
  • GO.Ms.No.762 Dt. 11-8-1976 Abortion Leave to Female Govt Employees-Click Here
  • G.O.Ms.No.254 Dated:10-11-1995-Continuation of Abortion Leave (Miscarriage Leave)-Click Here
  • G.O.Ms.No.219 Dated: 25-6-1984-Abortion Leave up to Two Surviving children-Click Here
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  2. Really a very good information provided by the Organisers for which each and every body irrrespective of the cadre are thankful. One more thing is please provide correct information about the date from which a female employee is eligible for commencement of Maternity leave ie., whether ML can be availed:

    i. from the date of delivery
    ii. from the date of issue of MC by the Doctor.
    iii.before two or three months from the expected date of delivery.

    Please specify any particular date for commencement of ML.


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  10. I newly joined as Sg asst. my baby was born 25.09.14 but I was joined at 26.09.14

    My Hm told you are not get to maternity leave only loss of pay please help me any chance to get maternity leave please tell me please

  11. from which month can we put maternity leave? Can we put ml in 5th month? What certificate we should produce?by govt doctor or private doctor?

  12. What is the time limit for availing paternity leave from the date of birth of child?

  13. Can we availe maternity leave in 8 th month pregnancy due to unhealthy. What is the process.

    1. you can submit form-A of medical certificate by not below rank of Asst civil surgeon and write a letter to ML sanctioning authority want to avail ML from this time onwards throught proper channel

  14. can a trainee primary teacher is eligible for maternity leave without pay loss. please provide information.

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  20. Sir I'm state govt. Employee 2days back my wife got abortion so can I get miscarriage leave plz tell me

  21. Sir I'm state govt. Employee 2days back my wife got abortion so can I get miscarriage leave plz tell me

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  24. My wife delivered on 21oct.dussahara holidays 11to25oct.when she avail m.l from21 Oct or11 Oct .plz clarify

  25. Maternity Leave can be sanctioned from the Date of Delivery, if the Teacher has attended the Last working Day before the Dasara Vacation...

  26. adoption leave is eligible in telugu states?if available,go no?how many days eligible?rule position?

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    Also know about is she delivery dead baby so she can get miscarriage leave

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  29. My wife is going to deliver a baby in 20 days. She will avail ml.from 20th January 2016. Please tell me weather the summer holidays will be excluded from the priscribed 180 days.

  30. My wife is going to deliver a baby in 20 days. She will avail ml.from 20th January 2016. Please tell me weather the summer holidays will be excluded from the priscribed 180 days.

  31. sir, whether the paternity or maternity leave can be applied prefixing or suffixing the public holidays

  32. Sir, the information is very useful and the effort is very appreciable. It would also be better to give information on "When can a pregnant employee apply for Maternity Leave"? Can it be applied prior to the delivery? If so the instructions of the Government may kindly be posted.


  33. Is avail maternity leave with attach EOL?

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  35. I Satyanarayana, Visakhapatnam

    My daughter is working Group II Post (Direct Recruitment) in AP State Government of AP. She blessed with twins in First issue (confinement) and she availed 180 days Maternity leave as per rules. Both children are well and healthy. Clarification is required will she is eligible for Maternity leave for 2nd issue (confinement).

  36. Can I take maternity leave after the date of my delivery?

  37. Can I take maternity leave after the date of my delivery?