Memo.18249 Engaging 20508 VVs for 9 Months for 2013-14

Memo.18249/PE.SER.II/A1/2013-1-DSC 2013-Proposals of DSE for Engaging 20508 Vidya Volunteers (VVs) for 9 Months for 2013-14.

Details of Memo No 18249 Dated 20/08/2013 are as follows:

Sub: Education Department - DSC 2013 - Proposals of C&DSE for engagement of 20508 Vidya Volunteers for a period of 9 months- certain information- called for.
Ref:     From C& DSE,A.P., Hyderabad. Lr.Rc.No.875/ B4-2/2013-1 Dt.06/07/2013.

            The attention of the Commissioner and Director of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad is invited to the reference cited and she is requested to furnish the following information to take further action in the matter.
  • (i) Details of sanction for engagement of Vidya Volunteers previously in respect of Primary Schools and High Schools separately; amount of expenditure incurred towards hor:orarium; and head of account under which the expenditure was met.
  • (ii) Number of Vidya Volunteers required for High Schools alone in the proposal; amount required for payment of honorarium; head of account; and availability of Budget for the Financial year 2013-20.14
2. The information should be furnished immediately.