Rc.357 RVM KGBV Guidelines for Recruitment of Art, Craft Vocational Female Instructors for 2013-14

RVM AP KGBVs -Guidelines for Recruitment of Art/Craft/Vocational Female Instructors for 2013-14 to provide Art/Craft/Vocational Skills education to KGBV students. The vocational skills Education Component will be provided for Six Months from 1st Sep 2013 to Feb 28th 2014. The Instructors will be paid honororium at Rs.4500 per month. The Complete guidelines were issued through Rc.357/APKGBV/2013-14 Dated 27th Aug 2013.
Details of Rc.357- Recruitment of Art/Craft/Vocational Female Instructors in KGBVs
        Rc.No. 357/APKGBV/2013-14 Dated: 27-08-2013 -Providing Art/Craft/Vocational Skills Education in KGBVs for the year 2013-14 – Appointment of Vocational Instructors – Certain Instructions Issued .
             The   Project   Officers   of   RVM   (SSA)   all   Districts   except   Hyderabad   and   West  Godavari, and the Secretaries of APREIS, APTWREIS and APSWREIS, are informed that it  has been decided to provide Art/Craft/Vocational Skills education to KGBV students in the  year 2013-14 through recruitment of female Instructors. The following guidelines are to be  adhered to in the appointment of Instructors and implementation of the Art/Craft/Vocational  Skills Education component.

*Guidelines for Art/Craft/Vocational Skills Education: 
a) The Vocational Skills Education component if for 6 months only – from September 1, 2013– February 28, 2014.
Skills to be imparted to the students may be any two of the following, and it is expectedthat the students will excel in at least one of skills:
  • i) Tailoring, Stitching and Embroidery
  • ii) Dance
  • iii) Music
  • iv) Pottery
For recruitment of Art/Craft/Vocational Instructors at the KGBV level, the following is to be followed:
Guidelines for Recruitment of Art/Craft/Vocational Instructions at KGBVs
  • In those places where Vocational Instructors were engaged during 2012-13, the same may be retained for the year 2013-14 @ Rs. 4500/- per month for a period of 6 months from September 1, 2013 – February 28, 2014, and they will be responsible for imparting at least 2 of the above mentioned skills.
  • In those places where new persons are proposed to be engaged, the Project Officer of RVM (SSA) is the officer responsible to move the proposal for recruitment of Part time Vocational Instructors by constituting a District Level Selection Committee comprising of the (i) PO, RVM (SSA) as Chairman, (ii) District Employment Officer,(iii) DM of Mahila Pranganam and (iv) Principal of ITI.
  • Depending on the Selection of Skills, it may be decided to engage two Instructors for a period of three months at a time. In this case, the remuneration is fixed at Rs. 3,000/- per Instructor per month only. 

The requisite qualifications for selection as Instructor are as follows:
  • 10th class pass or its equivalent.
  • Diploma/Certificate in music or dance, OR certificate in a trade such as sewing, tailoring, weaving, etc. issued by any ITI or DLTC.
  • Technical Teacher Certificate of Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Important Note:
  • The appointment is for the current year only and will be terminated on 28.02.2014.
  • The required materials for imparting the skills may be purchased duly following the Procurement Guidelines. This shall be charged to the Specific Skills component of the KGBV budget.
  • The salary component of Vocational Instructors shall be charged to the Specific Skills Component of the KGBV Budget.
              The Executive Committee of APKGBV Society has decided that only Vocational Instructors will be continued and there will be no Computer Instructors. However, orientation on computer knowledge will be taken up through CRTs. A CRT may be identified and trained in computers to impart the same to the other CRTs and thereby to the students.
              The POs, RVM (SSA) and the Secretaries of APREIS, APSWREIS and APTWREIS are requested to follow the instructions scruplously and report compliance.