Rc.512 Payment of Uniform Stitching Amount to Agencies-Utilising the Penalty Amount

Rc.512/ RVM (SSA}/C4/12 RVM (SSA)-Procurement of Uniforms to Children I to VIII class-2012-13 Payment of 100% of Stitching Amount to Agencies-Utilize the Penalty Amount for purchasing/Maintenance of School Infrastructure
The Instructions in Rc.512 of SPD are as follows:
           The Project Officers of RVM (SSA) in the state are informed that order)were issued for deducting the penalty amount from the uniform amount to be paid to the agencies who supplied cloth based on the test reports furnished by the Textile Committee, Hyderabad on the quality of the uniform cloth.
           Therefore, the Project Officer of RVM (SSA) in the state are requested to issue instructions to all the School Management Committee in the districts that they can pay 100% stitching payment to the stitching agencies and they can utilize the penalty amount deducted from the cloth value towards penalty imposed on the agencies. The School Management Committees may utilize the penalty amount thus retain for purchasing the Benches/ chairs for the children or maintenance of computers/ Infrastructure of the school. The School Management Committees shall maintain perfect accounts with vouchers for the said amount spent to produce before audit party in future.