Rc.665 RVM Guidelines, Unit Cost and Schedule SMC Members Trainings

Rc. No. 665/RVM(SSA)/C8/2012, Dated:25.10.2013 RVM Guidelines and Unit Cost for Trainings to SMC (School Management Committee) Members. Trainings will be conducted to all SMCs at District, Mandal and Gram Panchayat Level for Strengthening of SMCs.
   All the Project Officers RVM(SSA) in the State are here by informed that A State level DRPs Training Programmes was conducted in 1st and 2nd batchs from 9th to 11th & 17th to 19th October, 2013 at Don Basco Navajeevan Society, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad with CMOs, DIET/ Teachers/SRGs consisting 6 members + 4 NGO representatives = (10 members from each district) These master trainers (DRPs) will inturn to CRPs at District level. The instructions and the unit cost for the conduct of Training Programme are enclosed here with in Annexure – I, II and III.
   Therefore there are requested to conduct the Training Programmes on strengthening of SMCs at District, Mandal, Cluster and GP level as per the Schedule and instructions scrupulously.

Guidelines and Instructions for Training Programs to SMCs

The following instructions should be followed in conducting of Training Programmes
  1. The District level Trainings to the DLMTs and CRPs will be conducted in phased manner i.e. on 28th & 29th October, 2013 (1st phase) and 30th & 31st October, 2013 (2nd phase).
  2. Mandal level “Welcoming cum Orientation programme to newly elected Sarpanches, HMs and SMC chairpersons on 4th November, 2013 from 10AM to 1PM. Local conveyance shall be paid to participants”. Concerned MEOs shall be organised the above programme involving with MPDOs, Thahasildars (MROs) and ICDS Supervisors/Officers for effective implementation.
  3. Teleconference (Mana TV) shall be organised by SPO and addressed by State Project Director, Madam to MEOs, HMs, CRPs, DLMTs and other incharge teachers on Strengthening of SMCs, date shall be communicated in due course.
  4. Two CRPs will be conducted (1) day training to all SMC Members from 11-11-2013 onwards. Remuneration to each CRP is Rs 100/- per day.
  5. The Non Residential Training may be organized at Village level /Cluster level.
  6. Minimum No. of target participants in training must be 30, Maximum may be 60.
  7. The Honorarium (Rs 100/- per day), will be paid to CRPs by the Mandal Educational Officers after submitting the Report/Documentation.
  8. Material (Handbook) will be provided to all the SMC members.
  9. The SMC members may be test quality of Mid Day Meal during the time of training programme.
  10. Tea and Refreshment to the participants will be provided from the school Grants/available grants in the school.
  11. Academic/ Cultural performances of the students must be displayed to the SMC members.
  12. Engage the services of SRGs at the time of District Level Residential Training Programmes, if necessary.
  13. The training programmes should not clash with the ongoing Teacher Training programmes.
  14. The local media may be informed/ invited for the trainings.
  15. The Project Officers of RVM (SSA) shall allot the mandals among the Sectoral Officers for monitoring the trainings, they should submit the feedback on the trainings to Project Officer and intern P.O shall submit consolidation report to

Schedule for Training programmes at various levels

District level: Ist Batch (50% 0f Mandals) 28th and 29th Oct, 2013(2 Days) All CRPs and DLMTs Training programme to DLMTs & CRPs on strengthening of SMCs All Districts
District level IInd Batch (remn.50%)30th and 31st Oct, 2013 (2 Days)
Mandal Level4th November 2013 (1/2 Day)Newly elected Sarpanches, HMs and SMCs ChairpersonsWelcoming –cum orientation programme for Strengthening of SMCs-Do-
Mandal LevelDate shall be communicated in due courseMEOs/HMs/CRPs/ Other incharge teachersTeleconference to be organised by SPO – Address by SPD RVM (10am to 1pm)-Do-
Cluster/ GP level:11th Nov to 25th Nov, 2013(1 Day )All SMC membersStrengthening of School Management Committees-Do-

Unit costs for Residential Training to DLMTs and CRPs at District Level

Resource Person Honorarium (DRPs)A) for Department Personnel DA @ Rs. 200/- & Honorarium @ Rs. 250/- per day B) for Outsiders (NGOs) Honorarium @ Rs. 400/- per day.
Course Director HonorariumHonorarium @ Rs. 300/- per day
Travel allowances for Resource PersonsAs per APTA Rules/Actual Fares
Breakfast to participantsRs. 25/- per head per day
Tea & Snacks for 2 timesRs. 20/- per head per day
Working lunchRs. 50/- per head per day
SupperRs.50/- per head
Travel for participantsAs per APTA Rules
Boarding for participantsRs. 150/- per head per day
Training Kit for participants (Pen,Scribbling Pad, File, Printed Material and Handouts etc.,)Rs. 30/-
Stationary (Charts, Markers, Banner etc.,)Rs. 500/- lumpsum
Documentation (Photos/video and Reports)Rs. 500/- per programme
Miscellaneous/td>Rs. 500/- per programme
Electricity ChargesRs. 60/- per day per hall
Institutional charges (Lecture Hall, Furniture etc) per dayRs. 500/- per programme
LCD projectorRs. 1500/-
Water & Sweeping (2 persons up to 100 participants)Rs. 100/- per head per day
Clerical assistanceRs. 100/- per day
Purchase of packaged drinking water per day per headRs. 3/- per head per day
The expenditure shall be booked under SMC/PRI trainings from the approval of AWP& B for the year 2013-14


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