Rc.5407 Disciplinary action against Fraudulent Medical Reimbursement Claims

Rc.No.5407/D2-1/2010 Dated:11/11/2013 Disciplinary action against Fraudulent Medical Reimbursement Claims (Bogus/Face Medical Bills). DSE has issued orders to impose Major Penalty or withholding Three Increments with cumulative Effect under Rule (9) vi of APCS 1991 against the Teachers, who claimed Bogus/Fake Medical claims. Medical Reimbursement is the facility to Employees and Teachers, which enables to claim their expenditure incurred towards Treatment. But it has been noticed that Some Employees are submitting Fraud Medical Bills, and claiming for fraudulent Medical Reimbursement Claims.

Rc5407 Fraudulent Medical Reimbursements -Withholding Three Increments

1. C&DSE Pro.Rc.No. 5407 /D2-1 /2010 dated: 13-05-2013,03-06-2013, 15-06-2013 and 21-09-2013.
2. GAD Vig.Memo No. 75 ( C No.1934/VE/D4)/2009 dated; 05-10-2012.
3. Govt.,Memo.No.17098/SE-Vig.2/EDn/2010 dated: 18-01-2013.
  1. All the District Educational Officers and Regional Joint Directors of School Education are informed that, earlier it was brought to the notice of the department that, certain in service and retired teachers have claimed the Medical reimbursement claims fraudulently by submitted bogus/fake medical bills causing loss to exchequer . Series of instructions were issued regularly to initiate disciplinary action against all such teachers as per CCA Rules1991, besides recovery of the amount claimed fraudulently and filing of criminal cases against them in terms of Article 300 to 302 of A.P. Financial Code,( Volume-1) and as per Sections 403,409 and 120(B) of IPC.
  2. As per Article 301 of A.P. Financial Code (Volume-1), departmental proceedings should be initiated instituted at the earliest possible against all the Government servants involved in any loss sustained by the Government on account of fraud, embezzlement or any similar offence , and conducted with strict adherence to the rules up to point at which prosecution of any one of them begins. Article 302 (a) speaks about prosecution for embezzlement of public money or property is that whenever the head of an office finds that there is reasonable suspicion that a criminal action is committed in respect of public money or property, should as a general rule report the matter at once to the Police .
  3. The Government in the reference 2nd and 3rd read above instructed to take action as per the G.O.Ms.No. 2 GAD (Ser.c) Dept., dated; 04-01-2009 read with G.O.Ms.No. 458 GAD (Ser.c) Dept , dated: 22-09-2009 . In the said Government orders it is ordered that, it is the endeavour of the Government to ensure a clean and transparent administration, to have this policy transcended to grass root level it is keenly felt that the officers with doubtful integrity and involved in criminal offences shall be weeded out in order to ensure efficient functioning. The Government direct that provided that all proved cases of misappropriation , bribery, bigamy, corruption, moral turpitude, forgery, outraging the modesty of women, the penalty of dismissal from service shall be imposed.
  4. Claiming and drawing of Medical Reimbursement by submitting fake, fraudulent, bogus medical bills and misusing the welfare facility provided by the Government amounts to fraud committed against the Government, and temporary misappropriation of Government amount and shall be dealt as per Article 300 to 302 of A.P.Financial Code (Volume-1) and as per the instructions issued in the reference 2nd and 3rd read above, and as per rule 9 (ix) and (x) of CCA Rules 1991.
  5. The District Educational Officers and Regional Joint Directors of School Education have informed that they have initiated disciplinary action under Rule 20 of APCS (CCA) Rules 1991, conducted enquiries, , recovered the amounts claimed fraudulently and filed criminal cases in the respective police stations and in all cases issued final show cases for imposition of major penalty under Rule 9 of CCA Rules against all such teachers.
  6. However, taking a lenient view, as the teachers have remitted the amount to the Government, all the DEOs and RJDs are instructed to impose a Major Penalty of with holding Three Increments with cumulative effect under  under Rule (9) vi of APCS 1991 against the in-service teachers duly following the procedure.


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