GO.4 One Month Basic Pay as Advance for Employees, Pensioners in Visakha District

GO.4 Govt has instructed to Sanction One Month Basic as Advance to Employees and Pensioners in Visakhapatnam District due to the Hud Hud Cyclone disastor, This Advance will be recovered in Ten Equal Installments. Damaged by the Visakhapatnam District, due to Hudhud Cyclone – Sanctioning one month Basic Pay to the Employees Teachers, Workers and Pensioners working n Visakhapatnam District – Orders - Issued.  G.O.MS.No. 4 Dt:19-01-2015
1.Note from the PrlSecy to CM vide CMP No.359/PS to CM(AS)/ 2014, Dt:31-10-2014, along with the Letter from the Chairman Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners A.P.Hyderabad.

GO.4 One Month Basic Pay as Advance for Employees, Pensioners in Visakha District

  1. In the reference read above, the Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners of AP, has stated that, the employees, Teachers of all categories and Pensioners residing in Visakhapatnam District were also affected by the cyclone and the properties of employees like houses, vehicles and Agricultural lands were also damaged. Therefore the Association has requested the Hon’ble C.M to grant one Month Basic Pay as “pay advance” to the employees, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners working in Visakhapatnam District. There was a convention that Government used to extend the financial support by way of pay advance during such calamities. The Pay advance will be recovered in 10 equal monthly instalments.
  2. 2. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby order to sanction of one Month basic pay to the employees Teachers and workers and pensioners working in the Visakhapatnam District. The advance shall be recovered in 10 equal monthly instalments from the monthly salaries of the employees which shall commence from the following month in which the advance is sanctioned. The concession is admissible up to three months from the date of issue of the orders and it will cease to be in existence thereafter. An entry has to be made in the service book of the employee regarding sanction of the advance.
  3. 3. The expenditure on payment of advance under this order shall be debited to the Head of Account 7610-Loans to Government Servants etc., 800-Other Advances – SH(80)-Other Advance – 001-Other Advances.
  4. 4. The concerned Heads of Departments are requested to take necessary action accordingly.

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  1. Is the Go No. 4 for Hudhud advance for Visakhapatnam pensioners implemented? Need we apply for advance?