How to Submit Bills using NON-HRMS Module in Treasury Site

Treasury Department has recently added NON-HRMS Bill Submission Module in place of Salary Form in DDO Req. Using This NON_HRMS Module in Treasury Site the Supplementary Bills, Arrear Salary Bills, Half Pay Bills, Medical Bills, Salary Adjustment Bills, Surrender Leave Bills, Increment Arrears, Promotion Arrears and other Arrear Bills can be submitted. The New Method of submission of NON-HRMS package has two Modules. 1) Non HRMS Employee details and 2) Non HRMS bill submission. The earler module “Salary Form” is now disabled. When the user selects this module, a message to use the new modules will be displayed as "Use NON_HRMS Bill Submission and Employee Details Form". Below is the method explained in detail by on how to submit a bill using the NON-HRMS modules.

How to Submit Bills using NON-HRMS Module in Treasury Site

How to Submit Bills using NON-HRMS Module in Treasury Site
As we discussed earlier, the NON-HRMS package has two modules. 1st package is NON-HRMS Employee Details.

Adding Details in "Non HRMS Employee details" Module

  • When the user selects the module “ Non HRMS Employee Details” in the navigatin pane in the pay bills module of HRMS.
  • Then Enter the Employee Treasury Code in the 1st Column.
  • Treasury site will retrieve the Name of the Employee
  • Then Enter Month and Year of the Pending Bill. eg: if the Arrear bill consists of Jan and Feb Months, first enter 01 and Year 2015 and then enter the Earnings and Deductions for January. After that Enter the Feb Months Details by entering the month 02 and Year 2015 in the 2nd row. Enter the Earnings and Deductions for the February Month also.
  • Case 1: Suppose, if the salaries of four employees of Feb, 2014 have to be claimed in a bill. The user have to fill this form 4 times, once for each employee. 
  • Case 2: Suppose the leave salary of an employee for 4 months have to be claimed in a bill, this screen has to be filled 4 times, once for each month.
  • Enter month and year for which the Pay& Allowances are due in respective text boxes. Select earnings from the earnings list box and enter amount. Repeat this for all earnings.  Details of earnings entered will be displayed and at the bottom summary of the details will be displayed.
  • Once all earnings and deductions are completed for one employee for one month, repeat this process for second employee, if the bill contains more than one employee or if the bill contains the salary of the same employee for another month.
  • When the user completes the data entry of all Employees pay and allowances for all required Months, Click Submit. In the next stage, the bill has to be submitted to Treasury by including the above fed records in a bill.
See the Screen Shot Below..

NON-HRMS Bill Submission

After Completing the NON-HRMS Employee Details and clicking Submit, now go to NON_HRMS Submission Module. Now follow the steps below:
  • Select nature of claim (DA, Supplimentary, leave salary, pay fixation etc)
  • Form Number and Month &year in which it is submitted will be automatically displayed.
  • Select the records to be included in the bill from the list of records shown as in the screen, by clicking in the check box against it.
  • The user has to tick whether the checklist items mentioned above have been fulfilled, against each check list item.
  • Finally, click on submit buttonTreasury Bill Register Number will be generated. That't it The bill is submitted.
See the Picture Below:


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