Rc 276 AP Private School Buses Maintenance Guidelines /School Vehicles Norms

CSE AP has released the Proc Rc No 276/PS-1/2014-2 dated 19.6.2015 on Safety of School Children - Certification of Maintenance of School Buses by the Educational Institutions in the State - Guidelines Issued. Rc 276 AP Private School Buses Maintenance Guidelines Complete Information. AP Schools Vans Norms.
       The Schools, especially under private managements are running School Busses/Vehicles for Transporting School Children. Several incidences of mishaps to school buses in various parts of the State confirm that the buses are not maintained up to the required extent by the school management. . Moreover, there have also been instances of appointment of un-trained .Drivers, to man school buses, reckless driving causing grievous injuries to children, etc.
Rc 276 AP Private School Buses Maintenance Guidelines /School Vehicles Norms

Rc 276 AP Private School Buses Maintenance Guidelines

All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State are, therefore, instructed to take up a special drive to check the school buses and see the following preventive measures are followed properly for the safety of' the school children:
  • The school buses/vehicles shall be properly maintained, should be road worthy and should posses the relevant certificate of fitness.
  • Appropriate provision is being made on the Commissioner of School Education web portal and instructions will be issued separately. The fitness certificate should be obtained from the concerned Management for every bus they are operating and the same should be uploaded in the web portal of the Commissioner School Education.-apteachers.in
  • Every vehicle, bus, van or such other means of transport, carrying school children shall hold a proper permit/ permission from the RTA.
  • The vehicle should be manned by trained, experienced and well versed driver. The bus driver engaged should have needed driving experience
  • The vehicle/bus driver should not have been challaned more than 5 times for traffic violation like jumping red light, improper tr parking, violating stop line, unauthorized lane changing, overtaking etc. and ought not to have been challaned for an offence under any section of Traffic/ RTA rules during the period of requisite experience of 5 Years
  • All School vehicles/buses transporting school students shall have an attendant. The attendant should be adequately trained to handle young children.
  • All schools shall ensure that the vehicles/ buses drop all the children are dropped inside the boundary wall of the school.
  • All the vehicles/buses transporting of school children shall carry First-Aid-Box and Fire Extinguisher required under the rules.
  • No Vehicle / Bus transporting the School Children shall carry the Children in excess of its permitted capacity.
  • The Educational Institution shall control and man the Traffic through own man power in and around the school premises.
 In Addition to the compliance, the following points must be ensured by the administrative authorities of the Schools.
  • Name, home address with telephone number of driver must be made available for DEO's record.
  • Documents of School bus/vehicle should be inspected by school authority from time to time and its condition should be got certified by the competent authority.
  • In case of any lapse/guilt by driver for not following the rules the matter should be reported to police by school authorities. Otherwise the recognition of the school should be cancelled immediately.
  • A transport committee should be formed with parents of the children at every school level for deciding the transport fees, rout of the bus, bus stops and lo check if the school vehicles/buses have the required documents like registration papers, fitness certificates, insurance papers, transport permit, driving license of the concerned school bus driver, fire extinguisher and first aid box in the bus.


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