New Education Policy 2015 National Eduation Policy Themes for School Education

New Education Policy 2015, National Eduation Policy Themes for School Education. The objective is to formulate a new Education Policy for the country through an inclusive, participatory and holistic approach. The National Policy on Education was framed in 1986 and modified in 1992. Since then several changes have taken place that calls for a revision of the Policy. The Government of India would like to bring out a National Education Policy to meet the changing dynamics of the population’s requirement with regards to quality education, innovation and research, aiming to make India a knowledge superpower by equipping its students with the necessary skills and knowledge and to eliminate the shortage of manpower in science, technology, academics and industry.

For this purpose, 33 themes have been identified for discussions. The themes are divided separately for the School Education (13 themes) and Higher Education (20 themes) sectors. Details of these themes are exclusively presented at website. Tasks and Discussions are opened. Tasks are both online and on-ground. Discussions enable participants to share their thoughts and ideas.
New Education Policy 2015 National Eduation Policy Themes for School Education

New Education Policy 2015 National Eduation Policy Themes for School Education

List of themes for consultation on School Education
  • 1. Ensuring learning outcomes in Elementary Education.-Click Here
  • 2. Extending outreach of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education-Click Here
  • 3. Strengthening of Vocational Education-Click Here
  • 4. Reforming School Examination systems-Click Here
  • 5. Re-vamping Teacher Education for Quality Teachers
  • 6. Accelerating rural literacy with special emphasis on Women, SCs, STs & Minorities through Adult Education and National Open Schooling Systems. 
  • 7. Promotion of Information and Communication Technology Systems in School and Adult Education. 
  • 8. New knowledge, pedagogies and approaches for teaching of Science, Maths and Technology in School Education to improve learning outcomes of students. 
  • 9. School standards, School assessment and School Management systems. 
  • 10.Enabling Inclusive Education – education of SCs, STs, Girls, Minorities and children with special needs. 
  • 11. Promotion of Languages. 
  • 12. Comprehensive Education – Ethics, Physical Education, Arts & Crafts, Life Skills. 
  • 13. Focus on Child Health
Details about all these Themes are discussed in the coming Posts... Click on the respective Theme for Details of the Theme on New Education Policy.


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