Celebrate Vana Mahotsavam on 25th Nov 2015 Instructions

Rc.No.391/CSE/DC/School Nursery/2015 Dated: 19.11.2015
Sub:- DSE – Design Cell – “VANAMAHOSTHAVAM” festival on 25.11.2015 - Instructions - Issued – Reg.
  • The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state are invited to the subject cited, and requested to take necessary action on the following points:
  • In each district Identify and enroll minimum one lakh students as Green Corp Volunteers and upload in website, who are studying in 6th to 10th classes. The photographs are not required to upload in the website.
  • All the Headmasters & Mandal Educational Officers are request to see that all the Green Corp Volunteers should participate in the “VANAMAHOSTHAVAM” festival on 25.11.2015.
  • The Headmaster & Science teacher shall take “Green Pledge” every day after the school prayer. 
  • Every 3rd Saturday of the month shall be implemented as “Green Pledge” and take up activities relating to tree plantation and environment protection in every school by the Headmasters & Science teachers involving the Green Corp Volunteers. 
  • Therefore all the District Educational Officers are requested to give necessary instructions to DyEOs /MEOs/HMs, celebrate and grand success of the “VANAMAHOSTHAVAM” festival on 25.11.2015. 


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