Rc 20 DSC 2014 Teachers Salaries from 1st June 2016

Rc 20 DSC 2014 Teachers Salaries from 1st June 2016.  Rc.20/TRC-1/2016 Dated 29.6.2016 Commissioner of School Education has issued orders to claim the salaries of DSC 2014 Teachers Saslaries from 1st June 2016. 1st June 2016 is the Oath of Committment of New Teachers.

  • Sub: School Education TET cum TRT 2014 - Claiming of Salaries of newly recruited teachers instructions issued

Rc 20 DSC 2014 Teachers Salaries from 1st June 2016.

  • GO Ms No. 38 Education Dated 19.11.2014
  • This Office Proc Rc. No. 20/TRC-1/2016 Dated 29.1.2016
  • This Office Proc Rc. No. 20/TRC-1/2016 dated 11.5.2016
  • Proc Rc. No. 20/TRC-1/2016 Dated 24/5/2016 of the commissioner of School Education, Hyderabad.
The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the STate is invited to the references read above and they are informed that in pursuance of the notification issued for filling up of 10,313 teacher vacancies under different categories 8,926 candidates were selected. The category wise breakup is as follows:

  • Secondary Grade Teachers: 6007
  • Lang Pandits: 858
  • School Assistants: 1868
  • PETs 183
  1. The District Educational Officers are furthers instructed that in a rare event, all the 8926 newly recruited teachers were invited to Vijayawada for a public program where the Honorable CM has personally administered the Oath of Commitment to them at Vijayawada on 1.6.2016.
  2. It was clearly informed to the selected candidates that their date joining would be 1.6.2016 being the date they reported for Honorable CMs Oath Taking Program.
  3. In view of the of the above circumstances, all the DEOs are requested to issue necessary instructions to the respective DDOs to claim the Salaries of the newly recruited teachers from 1.6.2016



  2. Dear Sir, what about inter district transferred teachers salary commencing date?
    IDT teachers councilling held different dates in different districts.If newly appointed teachers service starts on 01-06-2016 then IDT teachers lost their seniority?(but IDT
    teachers releaved AN of 31st may 2016)