Rc 41 Mana Vooru Mana Badi 2017 Schedule School Admissions Campaign

Rc 41 Mana Vooru Mana Badi 2017 Schedule School Admissions Campaign. Rc. No. 41/ A& 1/2017 Sub:- School Education - MANA VOORU -MANA BADI Campaign - Completing the School Admissions for the academic year 2017 -18 between 24.04.2017 and 10.05.2017 -Instructions issued - Reg.
Read:- RTE Act No. 35 of 2009
  1. All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are informed that under Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009, the Right to Education is accorded the same legal status as the Right to Life as provided by Article 21 (a) of Indian Constitution. Every child in age group of 6 to 14 years shall be provided up to 8 years of Elementary Education on admission to an age appropriate class in the vicinity of his / her neighborhood. As per the U·DISE 2016-17, the drop out rate at primary, upper primary and secondary school level is 2.15,1.56 and 1.30 respectively. There is much work to do to ensure zero drop out at all levels. 
  2. It is further informed that a review of the enrollment in Government Schools Is taken up as a part of the Rationalization- Resource Redistribution exercise. It is proposed to undertake rationalization of all categories of schools and teachers before the reopening of the Schools in 12.6.2017.
  3. It is further informed that there is a declining trend in Government schools' enrollment over the years. This is resulting in closing of zero enrollment schools, merging/consolidation of non-viable schools with neighboring schools during the rationalization process. Mufti-grade teaching becomes inevitable when the enrollment does not justify allocation of full complement of teachers. Further, continuous efforts to identify Out of School Children (OoSC) needs to be made to ensure that all children are enrolled in schools. 
  4. In the above context, it is proposed to take up a special campaign ·"Mana Vooru Mana Badi" to complete the Admissions for academic year 2017-18 in all Government/Zilla Parishad Schools from 24'" April to 10th May 2017.

Rc 41 Mana Vooru Mana Badi 2017 Schedule School Admissions Campaign

Objective of "Mana Vooru-Mana Badi" Campaign:
  • To take up and complete admissions for the academic year 2017-18 from 24th April to 10'"May 2017 
  • To target the following categories of children for admission to Govt./MPP/ZP Primary and High Schools 
  • Children completing 5 years of age in Anganwadi Centers. 
  • Children in slum areas. 
  • Drop Out and Out of School Children. 
  • Children residing in the vicinity of Model Primary Schools. 
  • Children completing Class V in Primary School to be admitted in class VI in High Schools 
  • Children completing Class VIII and to join Class IX to reduce secondary level drop out 
  • To encourage the parents to admit the school aged children in Government school. 
  • To make aware the parents and their wards studying in private schools about the benefits being provided by the Government like good infrastructure, well qualified teachers, free text books, free uniforms, Digital Class Rooms, quality teaching, English Medium option, etc. and to encourage them to seek admission in the Government Schools. 

Benefits provided in Govt. Schools to be highlighted during the campaign
  1. Free Education to all from classes I to X. 
  2. Qualified, experienced and capable teachers 
  3. Free Uniforms, Free Text Books& quality Mid-Day Meals 
  4. Parallel English Medium Sections in High Schools 
  5. Lab and Library facility to the Students. 
  6. Stress free Education through Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. 
  7. Transport facility to the students who travel more than 2KM. 
  8. Availability of 100% Teachers at the time of reopening of Schools. 
  9. Availability of 5 teachers in Model Primary Schools and adequate teachers in High Schools. 
  10. Sports/Physical Education, Yoga, good play grounds in Government schools 
  11. ICT based Digital Class Room, Virtual Class Room, etc.and internet connectivity to the School. 
  12. Additional special provisions for Children with Special Needs - Rs. 250/- per month escort allowance, Tricycles, Hearing Aid equipment and other appliances, EYE Screening and organizing free operation, if needed, continuous training through Physiotherapy to needy children and all types of surgeries/ operations to Orthopedically challenged children. 
Implementation Plan
In order to conduct the "ManaVooru ManaBadi" campaign appropriate committees may be constituted at the District level, Manda I Level and School Level, the following teams are constituted:

Roles of the District level Team:
  • Plan and lead on the "ManaVooru ManaBadi" campaign. 
  • Ensure participation of public representatives like MLAs, MLCs, ZP Chairpersons, community leaders, etc. in the formal launch of campaign. 
  • Coordinate with PO, SSA for developing and supplying of required publicity material, admit cards, registers, etc. 
  • Delineate the roles and responsibilities of Sectoral officers and CRPs of SSA in working with the field teams to mobilize parents and ensure high enrolment. 
  • Coordinate with MEOs and other field officers and ensure that the entire programme is conducted as per the schedule. 
  • Submit a compliance report to the CSE, A.P lbrahimpatnam, Amaravati. 
Roles of the Mandal level Team:
  • The Mandal level team should plan and lead on the Manda! and school level campaign. They should ensure that all habitations in the Mandal are covered in the campaign through participation of the local public representatives. 
  • MPDO, MEO should take up joint action along with the concerned CDPO, Supervisors of Anganwadi Centers to ensure that all children completing 5years of age in the AWC are admitted to nearby MPP/Government School. 
  • The CDPO, Supervisor should provide the data of all children completing 5 years to the Headmaster/Teacher of the nearby Primary Schools for taking up the admission process. The MEO should coordinate with Head Masters and School Management Committees in the Manda I to ensure the admission of school aged children, drop out children and out of school children is done in the nearby Government Schools In the Mandal.
  • The details of the admissions made in different schools and in different classes in various schools in the mandal should be data entered on the CSE portal using the MEO login provided. 

School Level Activity

  1. Details of 5 years completed children should be obtained from the local AWCs. Similarly details of the students completing 5th class in the Primary Schools in the catchment area should be obtained. 
  2. A meeting should be held with the AWW and the parents of the children completing 5 years of age. They should be made aware of the benefits of joining the children in the Govt. Schools. They must be assured that good quality education will be provided to their wards. 
  3. The details of admissions made should be entered in the Admissions Register. 
  4. An admission card is to be issued to all the students getting admitted to the next class clearly indicating the class in which she/he shall be admitted to for the next academic year 2017-18. 
  5. HM should submit a daily report to the MEO on the admissions made in his/her respective school 
  6. All students successfully completing v Class in a Primary School should be admitted to the Upper Primary or High School by required coordination between the UP/High School HM and the Primary School HM/Teacher. 
  7. The teacher should identify the catchment area around the school vicinity and ensure that maximum number of children are enrolled in the School. 
  8. While making efforts for such enrollment, the HM/Teacher should enlist the support of School Management Committee Members, Local leaders, teachers and Head Masters of schools in the catchment area, NGOs, if any, working in the area, etc. 
  9. After a thorough survey in the locality children studying in Government schools, children studying in Private schools, Drop out/Out of School children should be identified and all efforts made to admit them to the next class for the academic year 2017 -18 
  10. The above details should be entered in a register to be maintained by the School Head Master and Teacher. 
  11. The Chairman and Convener should arrange for holding a rally in the early hours of the day with all stake holders at school level. Banners, Placards should be displayed during the rally highlighting the benefits provided by the Government. 
  12. The Brochure/ Pamphlets developed by SSA should be distributed to every parent. 
  13. On the same day of rally, a school assembly should be organized with all the stake holders. The Head Master should display the details of children as entered in the register. He/She also should discuss with all stake holders the plan and procedure to admit the children in Government School. 
  14. An amount of Rs. 2500/-to 5000/- may be utilized (commensurate with the enrolment to be made in the School) from School Management Committee funds to meet the expenditure towards conduct of rally, school assembly and various activities relating to the "Mana Vooru Mana Badi" Campaign for admissions 2017. 
  15. All the teachers should participate In the program an amount of Rs.250/-per day for each Teacher and an amount of Rs.400/·per day for each Headmaster should be paid. The expenditure should be incurred from SSA Funds at the District Level or from School Grants, where available. 

Mana vooru Mana Badi Schedule of activities

Hence, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, the District Educational Officers and Project Officers, SSA in the State are instructed to take immediate necessary action with regard to completion of Admissions for the academic year 2017 - 18 prior to closure of the present Academic year i.e., 2016- 17 in line with the schedule communicated. locally designed innovative campaign activities may be undertaken to ensure maximum participation and enrollment.
Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, all the District Educational Officers and Project Officers, SSA In the State are requested to follow the above instructions scrupulously.