GO 41 Aided Teacher Posts Recruitment by unaided eligible Candidates through absorption

GO 41 Aided Teacher Posts Recruitment by unaided eligible Candidates through absorption. GO 41 Recruitment Aided Vacant Post by unaided eligible Candidates through absorption. School Education-AIDED- Recruitment of vacant aided Teaching posts by the Un-aided(approved) eligible candidates to the Aided posts as a onetime measure through absorptions, subject to fulfillment of all the conditions- Orders-Issued. G.O.MS.No. 41 Dated: 30-06-2017. Aided Vacant Posts Recruitment Guidelines. Aided Teacher Posts recruitment through eligible candidates norms.

GO 41 Aided Teacher Posts Recruitment by unaided eligible Candidates through absorption

G.O.Ms.No.75, School Education (PS-2) Department, dated: 23.09.2002

Government in the reference read above, has issued certain guidelines for consideration of absorption in respect of the qualified un-aided staff who were appointed against the sanctioned posts and as per the recruitment procedure, and whose appointments were approved by the competent authorities in the respective posts duly following the seniority, qualification etc., in accordance with law. However, these orders were subsequently cancelled.
2. Government have examined the entire matter and hereby decided to absorb the Un-aided (approved) eligible candidates as on 23rd September, 2002, as a onetime measure into the vacant aided Teaching posts, subject to fulfilment of all the following conditions:
  • (1) The posts should have been sanctioned by the competent authority, at present there must be need for filling up of posts as per the Teacher, Pupil Ratio (TPR).
  • (2) The candidate must possess the qualifications as prescribed for each category of post for Government/Local Body Teachers.
  • (3) If more than one candidate is working in a sanctioned un-aided post of same cadre and all of them satisfy the conditions prescribed, absorption in the vacant aided posts shall be done as per seniority in un-aided posts.
  • (4) Where there is a feeder category for promotion, the vacant aided posts shall be fill in the ratio of 2:1 i.e 1st and 2nd posts by promotion and 3rd by direct recruitment/absorption.
  • (5) The absorptions shall be made after thorough verification of records by the Competent Authority.
  • (6) These guidelines are applicable for teachers already working in un- aided (approved) posts as on 23.09.2002 and being continued till today (30.06.2017) in un-aided post.
  • (7) This concession is only for one time measure and there shall be no absorptions from unaided (approved) to aided posts in future.

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  1. Sir I am working as a approved unaided record assistant since1997.I have 20years experience.but if the present aided attender get the promotion I did not get the job.so who get the job of record assistant