Rc 247 Promotions to School Asst Languages, PD Posts Immediately

Rc.No.247 Promotions to School Asst Languages, PD Posts Immediately. Rc.No.247/Estt-1/2017 Dated:01-08-2017 Sub:- School Education Department - Filling up of the posts of School Assistants (Languages/PE) by way of promotions in certain districts - instructions issued - Regarding.

Rc 247 Promotions to School Asst Languages, PD Posts Immediately

  • 1. G.O.Ms.No.15, Education Dept., Dt: 05.02.2017. 
  • 2. The Hon' ble ATPAT Orders Dt:27.03.2017 in OA.No.767/2017, 769/2017, 770/2017, 771/2017 & 791/2017 filed by Sri. M.Madhu Sudhana Rao, & 04 others and other OAs of Kurnool, Kadapa, Srikakulam & Prakasam Districts in the State. 
  • 3. This office Lr.Rc.No.247/Estt-IV/2017, Dated: 14.04.2017 
  • 4. Govt. Memo No.499888/Services.II/A2/2017, Dated: 26.05.2017 5 This office Lr.Rc.No.247/Estt-IV/2017, Dated: 02.06.2017. 
  • 6.GO.Ms No 144 Finance (HR-II) Dept dt. 02/08/2016 
  • 7.This office Pr.Rc.No.882/Estt-IV/2011-1, Dated: 12.12.2016. 
  • 8.This office Pr.Rc.No.882/Estt-IV/201 1-1, Dated: 11.01.2017. 9.Orders of the Hon'ble High Court in WP.No 24102/2017 dated 21/07/2017 
  1. Government vide Go. Ms. No 144 Finance 02/08/2016 have upgraded 1450 posts of LPs and 1200 posts of PETs to that of School Assistant (Languages/PE). These posts are allocated district wise in this office proceedings Rc.No. 882/Estt-IV/2016 dt: 12/12/2016 and 11/01/2017 in the 7th and 8th read above. These posts were filled by way of promotions in certain districts. In other districts promotions counselling could not be taken up due to various administrative reasons including certain court cases. 
  2. The Hon'ble High Court, AP, Hyderabad in in WP.No 24102/2017 dated 21/07/2017 have ordered interim suspension of OA.No 317/2017 in which OA "directed to consider the case of applicants for promotion to the post of SAs, in the vacancies that arose prior to 05/02/2017, if they are otherwise eligible and qualified as per pre amended rules issued in GO.Ms No 15 Edn Dept Dt: 05/02/2017". 
  3. The DEOs in the state are informed that in the districts where the transfers counselling-2017 for PETs, LPs are conducted, large number of posts of SA (Languages except English/PE) are not yet filled due to not taking up the promotions to fill up the said upgraded posts. As a result of this, surplus LPs and PETs had to be kept in DEOs pool during the recent teacher transfer counselling. 
  4. To avert this, the DEOs of the districts (except East Godavari) where the promotions counselling were not conducted to the up graded posts, are instructed to take up promotions counselling immediately to the posts of SA (languages/PE), as per rules now in force so that eligible teachers will get promotions as SA (languages/PE). After that, the DEOs should take up for re-counselling especially for LPs and PETs (kept in DEOs pool and also to those who participated in transfer counselling in 2017) so that equal opportunity can be provided to all of them to choose places as per their seniority and turn. This exercise should be completed by 05.08.2017. 
  5. In SPSR Nellore and Chittoor districts where the teachers' transfers counselling has started only today and where promotions to upgraded posts was not taken up earlier, the DEOs are instructed to take up the transfer and promotion exercise in the following order (i) transfers counselling for the School Assistants (Languages/PE) (ii) promotions to the posts of School Assistants (Languages/PE) (iii) Transfers for LPs and PETs to avoid dislocation especially, in respect of the LPs and PETs.
  6. All transfer and promotion counselling should be completed by 05.08.2017 in all the districts. In Nellore and Chittoor, it should be completed by 07.08.2017.


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