National Achievement Survey NAS Model Question Papers Download

National Achievement Survey NAS Model Question Papers Download. National Achievement Survey Test going to be conducted in the month of Nov in Schools. Model Question Papers for preparing Children of 3rd, 5th, 8th Classes available to download in PDF Form.. This National Achievement Survey will be conducted for 3rd, 5th and 8th Class Students. For 3rd and 5th Classes the NAS will be conducted in Language, EVS and Mathematics Subjects. Mateiral for National Achievement Survey, National Assessment Survey. Preparation Guide for NAS Exam.

National Achievement Survey NAS Model Question Papers Download

First Let us see the Exam Pattern for National Achievement Survey. As given the Table below, for 3rd, 5th Classes NAS will be conducted in Language, Maths, EVS Areas. For 8th Class, Language, Maths, Science, Social Areas.
Class Cirricular Areas Number of Questions Nature of Assessment
Class III & V Language, Mathematics, EVS 45 (15 Each for Area) Formal, Multiple Choice
Class VIII Language, Maths, Science, Social 60 (15 Each for Curricular Area) Formal, Multiple Choice
Using Material for Preparedness of Children in the Schools
Class III & V & VIII Existing Material.
Language, Maths, EVS, Science, Social (According to Class)
  • Class and Schools Readiness Module
  • Summer Work Book or Punadi Work Book
  • Pratham Work Sheets
  • Training Modules
  • Previous Test Items of SLAS./AAS etc
  • C Grade Module

National Achievement Survey Model Question Papers Download

Below are the Model Question Papers useful for preparing the School children for NAS Exam. Download the Question Papers in PDF Format
Description Download Link
III Mathematics Paper -1 Download
III Mathematics Paper -2 Download
III Mathematics Paper -3 Download
III Mathematics Paper -4 Download
Language Paper-1 Download
Language Paper-2 Download
Language Paper-3 Download
Language Paper-4 Download
Listening text Paper-1 Download
Listening text Paper-2 Download
Listening text Paper-3 Download
Listening text Paper-4 Download
Learning Out comes Telugu Version Download
NAS Model Question Papers 2017 Complete Set  Download


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