APTC Forms AP Treasury Bill Forms EOT Exam APTC Forms Material

APTC Forms AP Treasury Forms Bill Forms. Andhra Pradesh Treasury Code Volume – II – Bill Forms for drawal of moneys from the Treasury. AP Treasury Forms are available as a part of AP Treasury Code Volume. There are total 109 Forms. Some of the Bill Forms are deleted as they become obsolete. Bill Forms in which the amounts should be drawn by the DDOs are read with reference to G.O.Ms.No. 87 Finance [TFR] Department dt. 31-01-2002 w.e.f. 01-04-2002, read with G.O. Ms. No. 501, Finance (TFR) Dept. dt 27-11-2003], G.O.Ms.No.75 , Dated:03-04-2014. All the Treasury Bill Forms are available below along with Drawal procedure.

APTC Forms AP Treasury Forms Bill Forms EOT Exam APTC Forms Material

Head List of Object heads
APTC Bill Form
010 Salaries
APTC - 47 (Salary Bill Form)
011 Pay
012 Allowances
013 Dearness Allowance
014 Sumptuary Allowance
015 Interim Relief
016 House Rent Allowance
017 Medical Reimbursement
APTC - 47/58 (Salary Bill Form/Fully Vouched Contingent Bill)
018 Encashment of Earned Leave
APTC - 47 (Salary Bill Form)
019 Leave Travel Concession
APTC - 52 (T.A. Bill Form)
020 Wages
APTC - 58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill form)
030 Overtime Allowance
040 Pensionary Charges
041 Pensions
APTC - 75/76 (Pension Bill form)
042 Gratuities
050 Rewards
110 Domestic Travel Expenses
111 Travelling Allowance
APTC - 52 (T.A. Bill Form)
112 Bus Warrants
113 T.A./D.A. to Non Official Members www.apteachers.in
114 Fixed Travelling Allowance
APTC - 52 (T.A. Bill Form)
115 Conveyance Allowance
120 Foreign Travel Expenses
121 Foreign Travel Expenses
122 T.A./D.A. to Non Official Members
130 Office Expenses
131 Service Postage, Telegram and Telephone Charges
APTC - 58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill form)
132 Other Office Expenses
133 Water and Electricity Charges
134 Hiring of Private Vehicles
140 Rents, Rates and Taxes
APTC - 58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill form
150 Royalty
160 Publications
APTC - 58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill form
200 Other Administrative Expenses
210 Supplies and Materials
211 Materials and Supplies
APTC - 58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill form)
212 Drugs and Medicines
220 Arms and Ammunition
APTC -58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill Form)
230 Cost of Ration/Diet Charges
240 Petrol, Oil and Lubricants
250 Clothing, Tentage and Store
260 Advertisements, Sales and Publicity Expenses
APTC - 58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill form)
270 Minor Works
271 Other Expenditure
272 Maintenance
273 Workcharged Establishment
274 HTCC Charges
275 Buildings
278 Emergency Repairs
280 Professional Services
281 Pleaders fees
282 Payments to Home Guards
283 Payments to Anganwadi Workers
284 Other Payments
300 Other contractual services
310 Grants-in-Aid
311 Grants-in-Aid towards Salaries
APTC - 102 (Grant-in-aid Bill Form)
312 Other Grants-in-Aid
313 Percapita Grants
APTC - 102 (Grant-in-aid Bill Form)
314 Seignorage Grant
315 E.F.C Grants
316 Maintenance Grant
317 Exgratia Payments (accidental death/compassionate appointment)
APTC - 58/102 (Fully vouched Contingent Bill/ Grant-in-aid Bill form)
318 Obsequies Charges
APTC - 102 (Grant-in-aid Bill Form)
319 Grants for creation of Capital Assets
320 Contributions
330 Subsidies
340 Scholarships and Stipends
APTC - 103 (Scholarships & Stipends Bill Form)
410 Secret Service Expenditure
APTC - 58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill form)
420 Lumpsum Provision
430 Suspense
431 Purchases- Dr.
432 Stock- Dr.
433 Miscellaneous P.W. Advances-Dr.
434 Work Shop Suspense-Dr.
450 Interest
460 Share of Taxes/duties
500 Other charges
501 Compensation
502 Transport facility
503 Other Expenditure
504 Cosmetic Charges
510 Motor Vehicles
511 Maintenance of Office Vehicles
512 Purchase of Motor Vehicles
520 Machinery and Equipment
521 Purchases
522 Tools and Plant
523 Deduct-Receipts & Recoveries Towards Maintenance
530 Major Works
531 Other Expenditure
532 Lands
533 Buildings
534 Workcharged Establishment
540 Investments
550 Loans and advances
APTC - 40 (Employees Advance Bill form)
560 Repayment of Borrowings
APTC - 58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill form)
600 Other capital expenditure
APTC - 58 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill form)
610 Depreciation
620 Reserves
630 Inter Account Transfers
640 Writes Off and Losses
700 Deduct - Recoveries
701 Receipts and Recoveries on Capital Account
702 Receipts and Recoveries due to Tools and Plant
703 Suspense Credits
704 Purchases- Cr.
705 Stock- Cr.
706 Miscellaneous P.W. Advances-Cr.
707 Work Shop Suspense-Cr.
800 User Charges
801 User Charges - Other Expenditure
802 User Charges - Transport Facility
803 User Charges - Travelling Allowance
804 User Charges - Utility Payments
805 User Charges - Other Office Expenses
806 User Charges - Advertisements, Sales and Publicity Expenses
807 User Charges - Maintenance
808 User Charges - Other Payments
809 User Charges - Other Grants-in-Aid
810 User Charges - Other Administrative Expenses
811 User Charges - Materials and Supplies
812 User Charges - Petro, Oil and Lubricants
813 User Charges - Scholarships and Stipends
814 User Charges - Purchases

AP Treasury Bill Forms -Form Wise Details

[1] Challan Form -APTC Form 10 

[2] Employees Advance Bill form — A.P.T.C. Form 40
  • [a] All Loans and Advance like FA, G.P.F., A.P.EW.F., GIS, FBF, HBA, MCA, MA, CA etc— APTC FORM 40A shall also be used as Annexure to APTC FORM 40 for GPF withdrawals. 
  • [b] Pay Advance/ TA Advance 
  • [c] Advance for Medial Expenses 
[3] Salary bill form-A.P.T.C. Form 47
  • Drawl of pay and allowances for both Gaz. And Non-Gaz., Encashment of leave, Leave Salary, Educational concessions. 
[4] TA Bill form-A.P.T.C. Form 52
  • [a] T.A 
  • [b] TTA 
  • [c] F.T.A. 
  • [d] Conveyance Allowance 
  • [e] Bus Warrants 
  • [f] L.T.C. 
[5] Abstract contingent bill [A.C.bill] - A.P.T.C. form 57
  • [a] For drawl of all types of advances by the Government Officers authorized by the Government with specific sanction for departmental purposes for which detailed bill are required to be submitted to the AG www.apteachers.in
  • [b] Drawls under T.R. 27 
[6] Fully vouched contingent bill form — A.P.T.C. form 58
  • [a] Over time allowances 
  • [b] Tiffin Charges 
  • [c] Medical Reimbursement 
  • [d] Ex-gratia/ adhoc payments 
  • [e] Honoraria payments 
  • [f] ESI allowance 
  • [g] Wages [h] Office expenses 
  • [I] Professional and Special Services 
  • [j] Rents,rates and taxes 
  • [k] Publications
  • [l] Advertising sales and publicity 
  • [m] Hospitality charges 
  • [n] Secret services www.apteachers.in 
  • [o] Materials and Supplies 
  • [p] Other charges-legal charges 
  • [q] Diet charges 
  • [r] Purchases of all kinds with vouchers 
  • [s] Monthly Honorarium to Village Servants/Anganwadi Workers/Adult Education, Extension workers etc. 
  • [t] Recoupment of imprest. 
[7]A.P.T.C. Form 62
  • [a] Refund of Revenue 
  • [b] Refund on account of spoiled stamps 
[8] Deposit repayment bill form — A.P.T.C. Form 64
  • [a] Repayment of revenue deposits 
  • [b] Repayment of court deposits -Civil and Criminal 
  • [c] Repayment of earnest money deposits .www.apteachers.in
  • [d] Repayments of other departmental deposits or Security deposits 
  • [e] Repayment of user charges deposits 
[9] Pension Bill form — A.P.T.C form 75 / 76
  • [a] First payment of pension 
  • [b] Lifetime arrears 
  • [c] Death relief 
[10] Grants-in-aid bill form — A.P.T.C. form 102
  • [a] Grants-in-aid of all kinds 
  • [b] Social Security - Exgratia payments 
  • [c] Exgratia and Relief to victims of Natural calamities 
  • [d] Legal aid to poor 
  • [e] Discretionary grants made to individuals/institutions 
  • [f] Adjustment of taxes/cess to local bodies such as entertainment tax, profession Tax, water tax, surcharge on stamp duty, motor vehicles tax, mineral cess etc.www.apteachers.in. 
  • [g] Consolidated pay on 300 contractual services 
[11] Scholarships and stipends bill form - A.P.T.C. 103
  • For drawl of all kinds of scholarships and stipends 
[12] Loan Bill form - A.P.T.C. Form 108
  • For drawl of loans sanctioned by the Government in favour of institutions and private individuals. 
[13] Stamp discount bill form
A new bill form was introduced for allowing stamps discount to the stamp vendors.

Other Treasury Forms

Here are Some more Treasury Forms which are not so much important as the above forms for general public.
  • APTC Form 2: District Treasury Balance. 
  • APTC Form 3: Sub treasury cash balance report. 
  • APTC Form 4: Preliminary acknowledgement for receipt of the cheques received on Govt. Accounts. 
  • APTC Form 5: Cash book in Departmental Offices. 
  • APTC Form 5A: Temporary receipt for money received by a Govt Servant in all Departments. 
  • APTC Form 7: Receipt to be given by the Departmental Officer when the payer hand over the money. 
  • APTC Form 9:Duplicate challana 
  • APTC Form 12:Remittance book. 
  • APTC Form 13:Head Accountant‘s number book. 
  • APTC Form 14:Register of cheques, Mortgage bond for Motor car /Cycle. 
  • APTC Form 15:Court a Challana. 
  • APTC Form 16B:Loan for house building. 
  • APTC Form 19:Safe custody articles register. 
  • APTC Form 20:Undisbursed Pay Register form TR.10 Ins 26 and TR.32 SR(4)(c);
  • APTC Form 22:Consolidated Treasury receipt for PWD Remittances (ctrs). 
  • APTC Form 24:Treasuries daily balance sheet for the transactions of conducted through the Bank. 
  • APTC Form 26:Register of locks and duplicate keys. 
  • APTC Form 28:Shroffs slip to be placed on each bundle of notes. 
  • APTC Form 39:Register of receipt& return of departmental cash chest, for safe custody in Treasury. 
  • APTC Form 40:Loans and advances of the state Government Employees.(GIS,FBF,GPF) 
  • APTC Form 41-B:Certificate of deduction of tax from income chargeable under the Head Salaries. 
  • APTC Form 41-C:Register/schedule of recovery of court attachment of payee etc. 
  • APTC Form 49:Periodical Increment Certificate. 
  • APTC Form 57:Abstract Contingent Bill. 
  • APTC Form 61:Discount on Service Postage Stamps Adjustment Bill Form. 
  • APTC Form 65:Refund of lapsed Deposit. 
  • APTC Form 66:Voucher of transfer of deposits. 
  • APTC Form 70:Treasury Bills Book Register TR 16. 
  • APTC Form 74:Certificate relating to the specimen signature of a person taking charge of an office. 
  • APTC Form 81:Register of pension payment orders. 
  • APTC Form 88:Acquaintance rolls. 
  • APTC Form 89:Permanent Advance Register. 
  • APTC Form 104:Receipt of acknowledgement of sealed cash chests, pockets etc. 
  • APTC Form 105:Register of payment orders issued on the branch of the bank. 
  • APTC Form 106:Increment watch register. 
  • APTC Form 109:Pay bill register.

Deleted Treasury Forms

The following existing provisions of Forms under Volume-II of Andhra Pradesh Treasury Code have become obsolete:
  • (1) APTC Form-1:- District Treasury Balance Report -Under Subsidiary Rule 9 of Treasury Rule 4 and Instruction 3 under Treasury Rule 30 
  • (2) APTC Form-11:- Receipt for Excise Revenue paid to a Sub-Treasury/Village Officer - Under Subsidiary Rules 10 (f) and 16 (c)under Treasury Rule 10 
  • (3) APTC Form 16 – Treasurer’s/Shroff’s Amanath Balance Register – Subsidiary Rule 15 and Instruction 24 under Treasury Rule 10 
  • (4) APTC Form-17:- Register of Unshroffed Village Remittances received at Sub-Treasury - Under Instruction 22 under Treasury Rule 10 
  • (5) APTC Form-18:- Register of Unshroffed Treasury and Currency Remittances - Under Instruction 23 under Treasury Rule 11 
  • (6) APTC Form-21:- Receipt for sums realized by cash or by cheque for Service Postage Stamps issued by Treasury - Under S.R. 16 (e) under Treasury Rule 10 
  • (7) APTC Form-25:- Taluk Register of remittances to the Bank - Under Subsidiary Rule 22 under Treasury Rule 10 
  • (8) APTC Form-27:- Shroff’s slip to be placed in each bag of coin - Under Subsidiary Rule 7 (a) under Treasury Rule 11 
  • (9) APTC Form-29:- Memorandum showing contents in coin - Under Subsidiary Rule 7 (g) under Treasury Rule 11 
  • (10) APTC Form-30:- Memorandum showing contents in notes - Under Subsidiary Rule 7 (g) under Treasury Rule 11 
  • (11) APTC Form-31:- Treasurer’s daily balance sheet for Treasuries which do not transact their cash Business through Bank - Under Subsidiary Rule 7 (g) under Treasury Rule 11 
  • (12) APTC Form-32:- Shroff’s Daily Balance Sheet - Under Subsidiary Rule 8 (f) and (h) under Treasury Rule 11 
  • (13) APTC Form-33:- Register showing the cash double lock transactions of the Sub- Treasury Under Subsidiary Rule 8 (g) under Treasury Rule 11 
  • (14) APTC Form-34:- Treasury Pay Office slip for a bundle of notes - Under Instruction 13 (b) under Treasury Rule 11 
  • (15) APTC Form-35:- Treasury Pay Office slip for a bundle of coin - Under Instruction 13 (b) under Treasury Rule 11 
  • (16) APTC Form-36:- Currency Chest Book - Under Para 14(ii) of Central Treasury Rules 
  • (17) APTC Form-37:- Currency Chest Slip - Under Para 14(v) of Central Treasury Rules 
  • (18) APTC Form-37-A:- Bill for withdrawal from Treasury cash balance for deposit into Currency Chest - Under Instruction 13 (A) under T.R. 11/ S.R.3 and S.R.4(1) under TR.30 
  • (19) APTC Form-38:- Verification Statement of Currency Chest Balance - Under Instruction 15 (ii), (iv) and (vi) under Treasury Rule 11) 
  • (20) APTC Form-44:- Application for Passage Overseas - Under Subsidiary Rule 3 (e) and 16 (b) under Treasury Rule 16 
  • (21) APTC Form– 48:- Absentee Statement -Under Subsidiary Rule 11 under Treasury Rule 16 (22) APTC Form-77:- Register of Pension payable by Money Order - Under Subsidiary Rule 77 (1) under Treasury Rule 16 
  • (23) APTC Form-78:- Schedule of Pension paid by Money Order - Under Subsidiary Rule 77 (4) under Treasury Rule 16 
  • (24) APTC Form-82:- Weekly Cash Balance Report - Under Instruction 2 under Treasury Rule 30 
  • (25) APTC Form-83:- Advance Intimation of dispatch of remittance - Under Subsidiary Rule 10 (c) under Treasury Rule 30 
  • (26) APTC Form-84:- Invoice of remittance of coins/notes Under Subsidiary Rule 13 under Treasury Rule 30 
  • (27) APTC Form-85:- Invoice of remittance of uncurrent coin to the mint - Under Subsidiary Rule 15 (ii) under Treasury Rule 30 
  • (28) APTC Form-86:- Certificate to be furnished by the remitting Treasury to clerk/shroff accompanying a remittance -:- Under Instruction 17 (a) under Treasury Rule 30 
  • (29) APTC Form-87:- Indent for Reserve Bank of India draft forms and other connected forms required for use of the Treasury - Under Instruction 37 (a) under Treasury Rule 30 
  • (30) APTC Form-92:- Register of uncurrent silver coins received at the Treasury 
  • (31) APTC Form-93:- Register of Silver coins cut but not paid for at the Treasury - Instruction 88 in Chapter-II, Part III 
  • (32) APTC Form-94:- Statement of uncurrent silver coins and rupees and half-rupees withdrawn from circulation under special instructions – Inst. 40 in Chapter-II, Part III
  • (33) APTC Form-95:- Return showing silver coins cut or broken during the year on account of being reduced in weight - Instruction 41 in Chapter-II, Part VI
  • (34) APTC Form-96:- Return showing counterfeit coins received during the quarter ending -Instruction 41 in Chapter-II, Part III
  • (35) APTC Form-97:- Advice of currency chest transactions at Sub-Treasuries - Paragraph 5 (b) in Appendix 10
  • (36) APTC Form-98:- Register of payments of pensions to leper pensioners through village officers during the month of - Paragraph 2 of Appendix 17
  • (37) APTC Form-105:- Register of payment order issued on the branch of the Bank -Subsidiary Rule 57 (b) under Treasury Rule 16
  • (38) Discount Bills for Stamps – As Stamps are not being issued by Treasuries to Vendors.
These are the Details of APTC Forms AP Treasury Bill Forms you can download here.


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