Guide for Teachers Online CLs Leaves ODs | APeTLS User Manual APTeLS

Guide for ONLINE Teachers CLs Leaves ODs Apply or Enter. Rc 152 has been released insisting teachers to apply Casual Leaves, ODs online.Now as it is a new system, so many questions are arising. How to apply for Leaves, ODs and other Leaves Online. Here is the detailed guide and step by step process showing the Online Teachers CLs, Leaves, ODs apply system. First Download the APETLS App From Google Play Store. Then Go for applying system as mentioned below.Guide for ONLINE Teachers CLs Leaves ODs Apply APeTLS User Manual

Guide for ONLINE Teachers CLs Leaves ODs Apply

We are assuming that you have downloaded the APeTLS APP from Google Play Store.
Now see the detailed step by step guide.

  • Enter your Treasuary ID 
  • Click on GET OTP 
  • After clicking on the GET OTP , Below Screen will appear. 
  • At the same time you will receive an OTP on Your registered Mobile number. 
  • Enter your received OTP and Click on SUBMIT 
  • If OTP not received to your registered mobile then click on RESEND OTP . · Follow the above process again
  • As one time activity pl enter the details as required in the screen shown below.
  • Enter your Availed Days against type of Leave mentioned. 
  • Click on Submit After successfully 
  • Submit,Below screen will appear
In Homescreen page there are 3 types of leaves
  • 1) Type of Leave 
  • 2) Type of Duty 
  • 3) Type of Holiday 
 Depending on the reason for your absence at school, select from the respective labels shown below On selection of TYPE OF LEAVE , Below screen will appear
  • Click on Leave Type and select
  • In the Type of Leave we have CL , Child Care Leave , EL , EOL , HPL , Mat.Leave,Pat.Leave,Study Leave 
  • Select the desired leave From Date and To Date
  • In the number of days column It will auto calculate the total number of leaves applied.
  • Enter your Reason and Click on Submit. 
  • On Submit below screen will appear

Check/preview once and can click on OK for successful leave submission. Below screen will appear on OK click. On selection of Type of Duty , Below screen will appear
Click on Duty Type and select the desired type If you select OD ,Below screen will appear • Enter your Reason on Submit.
On Submit , below screen will appear If you select Training , Below screen will appear. • Enter your Venue Details
Select From Date and To Date • In the number of days column It will show total number of days applied for training. • Enter your Reason and Submit.


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  2. Sir if we need half-day cl then how to proceed

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