CDMA Director Municipal Adm can issue Visa NOC to Municipal Teachers GO 368

MA&UD Dept., - Municipal Schools – Permission to go / visit abroad to the Municipal Teachers – Delegation of powers to the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Guntur to accord permission to the Teachers (All categories) to visit abroad for the period upto (3) three months – Orders – Issued. MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (D1) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 368 Dated: 20-11-2018. Commissioner and Director Municipal Administration can issue VISA NOC to Municipal Teachers up to 3 Months vide GO 368.

CDMA Director Municipal Adm can issue Visa NOC to Municipal Teachers GO 368

Read the following:- 
  • 1. Govt. Memo.No.17182/C2/2001, MA&UD Dept., Dt:16.05.2002. 
  • 2. Note No.23/M (MA&UD)/2018, Dated 03.05.2018 of Minister for MA&UD, enclosing the representation dated 03.05.2018 of the President, APTF, Vijayawada. 
  1. In the reference 1st read above, orders were issued specifying that the Government only is the competent authority to sanction leave and permission to go abroad / foreign visits to Government employees under the administrative control of the Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department. 
  2. 2. In the reference 2nd read above, several Teachers' Associations have brought to the notice of the government that the Zilla Parishad and Government teachers are getting permissions to go / visit aboard upto three months by the Commissioner, School Education, if the period is more than three months then only the Government is according permission to go abroad. They have requested to delegate the powers to the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration to permit the teachers upto three months when they go / visit other countries on the same analogy in the case of Zilla Parishad and Government Teachers'. 
  3. 3. After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby delegate the powers to the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Guntur to issue No Objection Certificate / according permission to the Municipal teachers (all categories) working in Primary, Upper Primary & High Schools to obtain Visa and to visit other countries on private affairs upto three (3) months, subject to proper functioning of the school for which proper in-charge arrangement should be made so that children's education does not suffer and also subject to bearing the entire expenditure by the individual employee who is permitted to visit abroad by the Commissioner within time limit. 
  4. 4. The Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Guntur is directed to submit all the requests of the teachers to visit abroad beyond three (3) months, for approval of the Government. Any teacher visiting abroad without prior permission of the competent authority, he/she may be liable for disciplinary action as per the procedure stipulated in CCA & Conduct rules. 
  5. 5. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (HR-II) Department, vide their U.O.No.33022/68/HR.II-FR/2018 (Comp.No.591647), Dated:08.10.2018.


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