AP Model School Teachers Income Tax Excel Softwares

AP Model School Teachers Income Tax Excel Softwares. Income Tax Excel Software prepared by Ch V Ramana Murty, PGT-Mathematics, APMS-L.Kota for AP Model School Teachers is available to download. This Excel Program helps AP Model School Teachers in preparing their Income Tax returns to be submitted at the Financial Year ending. If any modifications or doubts on this APMS Income Tax Software, kindly contact the developer of this Model Schools IT Excel Software developer. 2018-19 Financial Year (2019-20 AY) Software is available to download below.

AP Model School Teachers Income Tax Excel Softwares 

  • 1. This progrm is generated with the aim of assisting the APMS employees to ready the Income Tax Calculations for Financial Year 2018-19 without delay. 
  • 2. This program is prepared based on the Tax Slabs & Tax Rebate as declared in Finance Acts 2018 for the financial year 2018-2019. 
  • 3. The program features Tax Payability in two modes – “With TAN” & “Without TAN”. It calculates the tax payability in Feb-Sal-Bill automatically. This program is integrated with FORM-10E calculations (OPTIONAL). Formats of Forms 10-IA & 10-I are included. This program is limited to Rupees 50,00,000 of taxable income. 
  • 4. Please read “Guidelines” sheet in the software before starting. 
  • 5. Please use downloaded copy of the software for every new use. 
  • 6. For queries / suggestions, kindly contact me via SMS/WHATSAPP to 9247248544 or send an email to chvrmy@gmail.com
  • 7. DISCLAIMER : The developer of this program do not hold any responsibility for errors that may arise. The responsibility of correctness is solely held with the Assessee (Employee) and the concerned DDO. Hence, it is advised to verify the Printed Documents by the individual and the DDO (or An Authorised Tax Consultant on behalf of the DDO) before submission. 
  • 1) HRA-Deduction calculation is made to depend on PAY-DA-HRA of current FY income only. 
  • 2) HRA-Deduction-Certificate u/s 10(13A) is annexed along with Rent Receipt. 
  • 3) The Arrears of Past FYs are separated in Annexure-I and sufficient rows are inserted for arrears. 
  • 4) 10E calculations are corrected accordingly. 
  • 5) The TDS payable for the salary month of Feb-2019 is highlighted at the end in ANNEXURE-II. 
  • 6) Deductions under Chapter-VIA are modified according to the Circular No 1/2019 by CBDT. 
  • 7) IR Entries are permitted in Salary Particulars. 
  • 8) Arrear Split Statement format is included. Some minor errors are corrected and User Interface is improved

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