Election Duty Remuneration Rates to Polling Personnel Deployed on Election Duty-2014

ECI Circular No. 464/INST-PAY/2014-EPS Dated 28th Feb 2014- "Election Remuneration to Polling Personnel" Deployed on Election Duty-2014. These are the Minimum Rates as prescribed by ECI for "Election Duty Remuneration to Teachers, Employees in General, Assembly Elections 2014", Let us see the Rates briefly for information. The Election Commission Commission of India has enhanced and fixed the Uniform Remuneration Rates for Polling Personnel from 2014 Elections to the to the Polling Staff deployed in Election Duties (Loksabha, General Elections 2014 etc). In its Letter The ECI has made it clear that "In super-session of the Commission's letter No. 464/INST/2009/EPS, dated 9th January, 2009, and in order to bring uniformity in payment of remuneration to polling/counting personnel, the Commission has recommended the following rates of remuneration to be paid to the officers/officials deployed on election duty". These rates are applicable for General Elections 2014 also.
Election Duty Remuneration Rates 2014 General Elections

Cir.464 Election Duty Remuneration Rates to Polling Personnel on Election Duty

These are the following Rates of Remuneration:
Sl.No Designation of Officer/Officials Minimum Rate of Remuneration
Sector Officer/Zonal Magistrate  1500/-lump  sum
Presiding Officer/Counting Supervisor  350/-  per day or part thereof
Polling Officers/Counting Asstt 250/-  per day or part thereof
Class-IV     150/- per day or part thereof
Packed lunch and/ or light refreshment   150/- per head per day
Video Surveillance Team, Video Viewing Team, Accounting Team, Expenditure Monitoring Control Room and Call Center Staffs, Media · Certification and Monitoring Committee, Flying Squads, Static Surveillance Team, Class- I/II (Rs. 1200/- lumpsum)
Class - III (Rs. 1000/- Lumpsum)
Class-IV Rs.200 Per day
The above mentioned rates are equally applicable to police personnel actually deployed on polling booths/counting centers.
  1. The above rates are payable to the staff for attending training classes, collecting polling materials, etc. and also for attending duty on the polling day/counting day.
  2. The Commission has also directed that staff deployed at all polling stations/counting centers may be provided with packed Lunch and or light refreshment at the rate of Rs. 150/- per head per day. In case of difficulty in providing packed lunch, a cash payment @ Rs. 150/- per head may be made.
  3. The above rates as recommended by the Commission are minimum rates. The States/Union Territories, which are paying more than the minimum rates recommended by the Commission, may continue to pay at the higher rates.. These rates will come into force prospectively and will have no retrospective effect.
  4. The police personnel deployed on election work on poll day/Counting day including mobile Parties/Home Guards/Forest Guards/Gram Rakshak Dal/NCC (senior) Cadets/Ex-Army/CPF may be provided with packed lunch/refreshment or payment in lieu thereof as is being given to polling/counting personnel.
  5. The expenditure incurred on this. account will be borne in the following manner:
    (i) In case of election to the House of People: 100% by the Union Government.
    (ii) In case of election to the Legislative Assembly: 100% by the State Government concerned.
    (iii) In case of simultaneously election to the House of the People and the State Legislative Assembly: The expenditure will be shared between the Central and the Sate Government on 50:50 basis. 


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