RIESI 30 Days Certificate Course in English Teaching for Teachers

Rc. No. 163/B/TE/SCERT/2017 Dt:03.11.2017. RIESI 30 Days Certificate Course in English Teaching for Teachers. Sub: S.E- SCERT, AP- Course No. 16 - 30 days Certificate course in English Teaching for Primary School Teachers/Teacher trainers teaching 6th,7th , 8th from14.11.2017 to 13.12.2017 at RIESI Bengaluru -Deputationof teachers-Req-Reg.The criteria for selection of teachers, facilities available at RIESI and the course details are given below.

RIESI 30 Days Certificate Course in English Teaching for Teachers

Ref: Lr. No. RIE/TRG /CELT/Pry/Member States/2017-18DT: 03.11.2017 from Director RIESI, Bangalore.
  • The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference read above and they are informed that the Director, Regional Institute of English, South India, Bangaluru has requested to depute 30 High/Secondary School Teachers/Teacher trainers from different districts who are teaching English at the primary School Level teaching 6th,7th,8th and to depute them RIESI Bangalore to attend the 30-day CELT Programme from 14.11.2017to 13.12.2017 at Jnanabharati campus of Bangalore University, RIESI, Bengaluru.
  • Therefore, they are requested to identify (3) Teachers (English) for each district of who are teaching English at the primary School Level teaching 6th,7th, 8th
  • below the age of 50 years and not undergone the said CELT training earlier from Govt. Schools, ZP Schools, Models Schools etc., and furnish the list to this office so as to enable this office to transmit the list of (30) participants and reserve list of (10) participants to RIESI Bangalore for above said the 30 day CELT Programme from 14.11.2017tol 3.12.2017 at Jnanabharati campus of Bangalore University, RIESI, Bengaluru.
  • The selected participants should report at RIESI, Benagalore by 9.30 AM at the venue without fail.

Criteria for selecting the teachers / teacher trainers:

Criteria for selecting the teachers / teacher trainers
  • is willing to undergo this training and would serve as a teacher trainer in the department 
  • is healthy and doesn't have acute chronic ailments that obstruct the purpose. 
  • suitable representation may be given to women's, SC I ST / OBC categories. 
  • newly recruited teachers may be given preference for undergoing the training. 
  • those teachers who have undergone the 60/30-day RIESI training and the same 30-day training are not eligible. 
  • should be below the age of 50 years 
Course details:
  • It is a residential training course. 
  • Boarding and lodging facilities and also contingent expenditure including course materials provided by the Institute 
  • The State department is requested to arrange travel allowance of participants from the work place to RIESI Bengaluru and back to work place. 
  • Duration of the course is 30 days. Course No.16/2017-18 (from 14.11.2017 to 13.12.2017) 
  • Certificates indicating the grade of achievement will be issued to the participants. 
Facilities available:
Hostel (Separate for male and Female)
Computer Laboratory
Digital Language Laboratory
Sports / games

Important Note to Teachers attending the 30 Days RIESI Training

  • Teachers deputed for training are instructed to join the course without fail and no representation for cancellation of this order or for leave will be entertained. Failure to comply with the instruction will be construed as defiance and will expose them to disciplinary action. 
  • 09:45 AM — 05:00 PM — on all working days. 
  • Trainees ought to be punctual in attending classes. Unpunctuality and irregularity will be viewed seriously and may result in the trainees being sent back. 
  • The Institute will remain closed on all second and fourth Saturdays, Sundays and on Karnataka Government holidays. 
100% attendance is expected.

  • Trainees draw their normal salaries in the manner ordered by their respective State Governments. 
  • The Institute DOES NOT pay TA / DA for their journey to and fro. 
  • A stipend of Rs. 80/- will be adjusted towards boarding and lodging and contingent including course material. 
  • Men trainees are accommodated in large dormitories at the Men's hostel and women trainees in the Working Women's Hostel. 
  • Trainees will be provided free accommodation. 
  • The hostels has metal cots. We also provide mattresses and pillows and mosquito nets & for cleaning the rooms a fee of Rs.20/- per day per trainee will be collected from their stipend. 
  • Vegetarian food with bed coffee, mid morning / mid evening tea, lunch and dinner will be served in the mess/canteen. 
  • The Institute provides plates and tumblers to the trainees. Self-service is the mode of serving. 
  • The Regional Institute of English South India has a well-equipped library that has nearly 30,000 books on ELT and gets important national and international periodicals and journals. 
  • The library will be open from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM on all working days and from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on holidays and Sundays so as to enable the trainees to make the best use of the library. 
  • There is a Language Laboratory here, with 20 booths where the participants can take individual practice in listening and speaking that provides feedback on every individual's improvement in Spoken English and Grammar. 
  • Facilities are provided in the Institute for the participants to play games and take part in cultural programmes. 
  • Trainees are expected to bring with them the following materials: 
  • Copies of the recent Test papers in English for classes 6, 7 and 8. 
  • Copies of Textbooks (detailed and Non-detailed) I workbooks in use for classes 6,7 and 8. 
  • Copy of the syllabus in English for Primary classes. 
  • A set of question papers (English). 
  • Bangalore weather is warm during April — October and cool during November — March. 
  • 1 passport size photographs (essential) and one stamp size photograph 
  • Two bed sheets. 
  • A torch 
  • A personal kit including a pocket mirror 
  • Medicines if any. 
  • Trainees will sign for the items of furniture, steel plates and tumblers and other equipment issued to them as soon as they arrive. They will have to pay for any loss or damage. 
  • They will not change the rooms without prior permission from the Administrative Officer. 
  • They will be responsible for the safe custody of their own money, mobiles and other valuables. 
  • Trainees will strictly observe the mealtime notified. 
  • Trainees who wish to stay out on any holiday should obtain prior permission from the Coordinator and Administrative Officer.
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