Revised Pay Scales 1993 PRC 1993 Pay Fixation Procedure GO 162

Revised Pay Scales 1993 PRC 1993 Pay Fixation Procedure GO 162. G.O.P.No.162 Finance and Planning (FWPC) dt 20/5/93. The 1993 PRC was implemented vide GO 162 and GO 18 for the employees of AP and Telangana. Details of PRC 1993 and Pay Fixation in RPS 1993 are given below.

Revised Pay Scales 1993 PRC 1993 Pay Fixation Procedure GO 162

PRC 1993 GOs
G.O 162. G.O.P.No.162 Finance and Planning (FWPC) dt 20/5/93 
G.O.P.No 18 Finance and planning 19/1/94

Date of Effect : 1-7-92 Monetary benefit : 1-4-93

Option :- Either from 1-7-92 or from the date on which he earns his next increment, any subsequent increment in the existing scale of pay, but before 30-6-94. The option once exercised is final (G.O.P.No.317 Finance & Planning 19-9-94)

Exercising option :- Within a 6 months from the date of publication of these rules in AP gazette. Government employees who are on leave or deputation or under suspension may exercise option with in a period of one month from the date of resumption of duty.
Principles for pay fixation:- The pay of an employee shall be fixed on 1-7-92 or on the date of entry into R.P.S, at the stage next above the existing scale of pay whether it is a stage or not in the new scale.

Master Scale :- The pay revision commissioner has evolved as master scale of Rs. 1375-25-1475-30-1625-40-1825-50-2075-60-2375-75-2750-90-3200-110-3750-130-4400-160-5200-190-6150-230-7300-280-10380-, of which all the revised scales are segments.

Existing Emoluments:
1. Basic pay as on 1/7/92 or as on the date of increment including stagnation increments.
2. DA admissible as on 1/7/92.
3. DA on P P s.
4. DA on FP increment.
5. DA on typist special pay, drivers special
6. Add 10% on basic pay minimum 100/-

Weightage :- No weightage

Stagnation increments:- 3 stagnation increments to all cadres
Date of next increment:- Normal date of increment.


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