REVISED PAY SCALES 1978 RPS 1978 PRC 1978 (DA Merged) GO 235

REVISED PAY SCALES- 1978 RPS 1978 PRC 1978 (DA Merged). Below are the details of Pay Revision Commission 1978 PRC 1978 for Employees useful for ESR. REVISED PAY SCALES- 1978 (DA Merged).  
  • 1.G.O. P No. 235 , finance and planning, date 17/9//79.
  • 2. G.O.Ms.No.41, finance and planning, date 4/2/80.

REVISED PAY SCALES 1978 RPS 1978 PRC 1978 (DA Merged)

  • Date of Effect : 1-4-78
  • Monetary Benefit:1-3-79

Option:- 1-4-78 or date of next increment or date of subsequent increment in the existing scale of pay accruing after 1/4/79 but not beyond 1-4-80.

Exercising Option:- Within a period of 6 months from the date of publication in the A.P. Gazette up to 31-5-80 extended up to 31-7-80 and further extended up to 31-12-80, vide G OMs No.208 dated 23-6-80, & G.O. Ms No.297 dated 9-10-80.

Employee who are on long leave or deputation or under suspension for exercising option:-Within a period of one month from the date of joining duty after the expiry of leave or from the date of his joining in government service on the termination of his deputation of reinstatement, as the case may be.
Existing Emoluments
1. Basic pay as on 1/4/78 or as other date of entry in to revised pay scale 1978.
2. DA admissible on basic pay as on 1/4/78

Principles of fixation:- The pay of an employee shall be fixed on 1-4-78 or any other date of entry into revised scale of pay 1978 at the stage next above to existing scale of pay whether it is a stage or not in the new scale.

Grade: I to grade XVII 290-425 to 800-1450
  • 1. one increment for service of 3 years and above up to 5 years.
  • 2. 2 increments for service of 5 years and above up to 7years.
  • 3. 3 increments for service of 7 years and above. 
Grade XVIII 900-1500 and above:
  • 1. one increment for the service of 3 years and above up to 5 years
  • 2. 2 increments for the service of 5 years and above.
Next date of Increment:- The date of next increment in the R.P. Scale 1978 will be the date on which they would have drawn their increments had they continue in the existing scale of pay.

Stagnation increments: 
 Grades  Biannual  Annual
   1-4-78 to 31-3-81  from 1/4/81
 I to XI  5  5
 XII to XIV  3  3
 XV  2  3
 XVI to XVIII  2  2
 XIX to XXI  2  4
XXII to XXV    2 Biannual