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Andhra Pradesh Govt Life Insurance Fund Scheme (APGLI). Official Website of APGLI Department is http://apgli.ap.gov.in.  APGLI, perhaps is the best savings you can save with apart from ZPPF / GPF. When compared to Life Insurance Corporation of India and other insurance companies, APGLI offers more bonus, terminal bonus and sum assured to it's policy holders. Though there are some problems with missing credits and issue of new policies it is still advisable to save with APGLI. The APGLI Department is one of the oldest departments in the State. Complete Details of  “APGLI Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Fund” is given below. The official site of APGLI is www.apgli.ap.gov.in. Aim of APGLI Scheme is to ensure protection for the families of the deceased Govt. employees and to augment their resource at the time of retirement.

APGLI Andhra Pradesh Govt Life Insurance

Section Wise information for APGLI Scheme for Teachers and employees are given below. Starting from APGLI Updated Slab Rates, APGLI Policy Information retrieving APGLI Details, APGLI Slab Rates Guidelines etc

Latest APGLI Revised Subscription Slab Rates AP PRC 2022 GO 198

Below Table shows the APGLI Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Subscription rates w.e.f. 1.11.2022
Revised Slab Rates (RPS-2022) Revised compulsory monthly Premium from 1.11.2022 in AP PRC 2022
Pay from Rs.20000 to Rs.25220 800/-
Pay from Rs.25221 to Rs.32670 1000/-
Pay from Rs.32671 to Rs.44570 1300/-
Pay from Rs.44571 to Rs.54060 1800/-
Pay from Rs.54061 to Rs.76730 2200/-
Pay from Rs.73761 iand above 3000/-

APGLI New Slab Rates 2016 PRC 2015 GO 36 w.e.f 1.4.2016

Revised APGLI Slab Rates (Basic Pays)
Monthly Premium (Rs.)
Pay from Rs. 13000 to Rs. 16400 500/-
Pay from Rs. 16401 to Rs. 21230 650/-
Pay from Rs. 21231 to Rs. 28940 850/-
Pay from Rs. 28941 to Rs. 35120 1150/-
Pay from Rs. 35121 to Rs. 49870 1400/-
Pay from Rs. 49871 and above 2000/-
The Slab rates come into force with effect from 01.04.2016 and the above revised premium rates shall be recovered from the pay of March, 2016, payable on 01.04.2016 vide GO 36 Dated 05-03-2016

APGLI - Information Sections

Find APGLI Policy Details
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  • Step 1: Enter part of Name. For example Chandra for Chandrasekhar.
  • Step 2: Enter part of Father's Name.
  • Step 3: Enter the Date of Birth.
  • Step 4: Please Enter The number Generated in the Image.
  • Step 5: Click the button "Retrive PolicyNo."
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APGLI/TSGLI Bonus Maturity Value

APGLI Forms, Policy Details and other Information

APGLI related all forms Download section. Doubts and Clarifications on APGLI .
Information Section on APGLI - Scheme

Salient Features of APGLI Andhra Pradesh Govt Life Insurance

  • The Government employees who are between 21 and 53 years of age are eligible for taking APGLI Policies. 
  • The APGLI Department issues only Endowment Policies which mature one day before attaining (58) years of age. 
  • APGLI policies do not lapse. 
  • The Premium rates are low. 
  • APGLI Premium is exempted from income tax under section 80C. 
  • Attractive Bonus rates. 
  • The present rate of Bonus is Rs 100/- for every Rs 1000/- Sum Assured per annum. 
  • The Loans are sanctioned up to 90% of Surrender Value. 
  • Only Simple Interest of 9% per annum is charged against loans sanctioned. 
  • In case of maturity of the policy, the total Sum Assured and Bonus till Date of Maturity are paid to the policy holder. 
  • The Policies are exempted from attachment of the court of law as well as Govt.dues, except the arrears of premium or loan etc.,
  • If the Policy Holder ceases to be Government servant, and decides to surrender the policy by discontinuing the payment of Premium, the subscriber will be paid the Surrender Value and the eligible Bonus. 
  • In case of Death of policy holder before maturity of the policy, the full Sum Assured along with Bonus till date of death are paid to the legal heirs.

Note for Applications for Final Settlements and Mobile alerts

Government vide Memo.No.1168/185/A2/Admn-II/2012,Finance(Admn-II) Department, date:14.09.2012, permitted the employees(as a special case to submit proposal forms upto 15.03.2013 for issue of fresh/enhanced policies for those) who are in-service and contributing Premiums prior to their completion of (53) years of age but Crossed (53) years and could not obtain policies.
Therefore,all the employees are requested to utilize this special facility to obtain policies by submitting the prescribed proposal form to the respective District Insurance Office on or before 15.03.2012
Subject to the following:-
a). They should be in service as on the date of submission of proposal form.
b). Commenced the recovery of Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurence Premium prior to their attaining the age of (53) years and are still continuing to recover the amount after (53) years also,as on the date of submission of proposal form.
c). Should not have taken back,the excess amount,for non-issue of policy.
Any proposals submitted after 15.03.2013 will not be accepted and such premiums will be treated as unauthorized/excess amounts.

Note to Applicants submitting applications for Loan/Settlement of Claims:
All the Policy Holders are hereby requested to submit the following information while submitting applications for sanction of Loan/Settlement of Claim cases for making payment online & sending SMS.
  • 1).Employee I.D Number.
  • 2).Mobile Number.
  • 3).Xerox copy of First page of Saving Bank Pass Book to be enclosed to the application duly containing the following.

a).Showing Bank Account number
b).Bank branch name
c).IFSC Code
Otherwise such applications will be objected without processing in future.
Scheme for implementation with immediate effect as specified below: