GO 105 Summative Exams - No External Evaluation - Modification in SA Exams

GO 105 Summative Exams - No External Evaluation - Modification in SA Exams. School Education Department – Conducting Common Examinations to the students from Classes VI to X in all schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh irrespective of managements – Modification orders - Issued G.O.MS.No. 105 Dated: 20-09-2016, No Jumbling in Summative Exams,

Read the following:-
  • 1. G.O.Ms.No.12, School Education (Prog.II) Dept., dated 25.02.2016. 
  • 2. G.O.Ms.No.20, School Education (Prog.II) Dept., dated 28.03.2016. 
  • 3. G.O.Ms.No.32, School Education (Prog.II) Dept., dated 24.05.2016.

GO 105 Summative Exams - No External Evaluation - Modification in SA Exams

  1. Government have issued orders to conduct Common Summative Examinations for the students of classes VI to X in all schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh irrespective of managements in the G.O. 2nd read above. 2. Government, after careful examination of the matter, have decided to issue amendment in partial modification of the orders issued under para 4 B (2) (iv) of the G.O. Ms. No.20, SE (Prog.II) Dept. dated 28.03.2016 and accordingly, hereby issue following amendment to the said G.O.
For Read As
under para 4 B (2) (iv) : Evaluation of answer scripts of the Summative 1, Summative 2
& Summative 3 of classes  VI to IX and of Summative 1 & Summative 2 of Class X shall be made in the neighboring Mandal duly following the jumbling  procedure.  Teachers in Government and Private Schools will be involved in evaluation.  Care  should  be taken by the DEO to ensure evaluation by the same medium school teachers.
a.  Evaluation  of  answer  scripts  of  the Summative 1, Summative 2, & Summative 3 of classes VI & VII and Summative 1 & 2 of classes VIII to X shall be done at School level.
b. Evaluation of answer scripts of Summative 3 of class VIII and Class IX shall  be  done  by  external  evaluators duly  following  the  jumbling  procedure. For giving weightage to Class VIII and Class  IX marks  in  Class  X,  only externally evaluated marks will be taken into consideration.
c. Further, 5% of answer scripts of all subjects  of  Summative  1  and Summative 2 will be randomly selected for all schools for classes VI to X and evaluated by the Special Team nominated by the District Educational Officers under the supervision of the Deputy Educational Officers.
d. Observer shall be deployed to ensure that no malpractices take place in the examination. Flying squads can also be deployed by the DEO, if it is required to ensure the sanctity and integrity of summative examination process.

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