MDM Gunny Bags - Collect from HMs and handover to MLS _ Srikakulam DEO Orders

MDM Gunny Bags - Collect from HMs and handover to MLS _ Srikakulam DEO Orders

Rc.No: DEO-MDMOMNT/1/2021-SA(C1)-DEOSKLM Date: 28/10/2021

MDM Gunny Bags - Collect from HMs and handover to MLS _ Srikakulam DEO Orders

Sub: District Educational Office, Srikakulam-Mid Day Meals- Collection of once used gunny bags available in Schools - Certain Instructions- Issued.

R.No.PDS.2/Movt. /FG/Stage-11/Gunnies/2021, Dt.25.09.2021 of the Joint Collector & EOED, Srikakulam

It is informed that, the Jute Mills Association (IJMA) have informed that, they are not in a position to supply jute bags as per the requirement of state and requested Govt. of India to go for alternate arrangements to meet the requirement since their manufacturing units of jute bags were at shutdown stage due to COVID 2nd Wave. Further, it is requested to ensure that all these gunny bags are sound and fit for filling of grains/ Customer Milled Rice.

Mannam Web Further it is informed that, these gunny bags are proposed to be utilized for Paddy / CMR operations being taken-up by the Government during the Season KMS 2021-22 to provide MDMS/ICDS/ Hostels every month, before receiving commodities for the next month.
Further, the Joint Collector, & EOED, Srikakulam has issued instructions to the CDPO/ ICDS/MEOs/HMs working under their jurisdiction to take necessary steps to collect all these once used gunny bags which are sound and fit for filling grains/ Custom Milled Rice from Anganwadi Centers / Schools / Hostels and to keep them a centrally located place i.e. ICDS gunnies at ICDS Office and MDM gunnies with the Mandal Educational Office so that these will be collected by the respective MLS Incharge so as to enable to utilize them during the current season to meet the farmers requirement i.e. Paddy / CMR Procurement Operations for KMS 2021-21.

In view of the above, all the Mandal Educational Officers are hereby directed to instruct the headmasters concerned to submit once used gunny bags available at their schools to the Mandal Educational Office concerned duly acknowledge the same and maintain the record at both levels.

The Mandal Educational Officers are further instructed to obtain/ collect the gunny bags from Headmaster concerned and handed over the same to MLS Incharge concerned under proper acknowledgement without fail
Any deviation in adhering these instructions will be viewed seriously.

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