Passport NOC Application, Marriage Advance, Motor Cycle Advance Application Form

Passport NOC Application
Marriage Loan (Advance) Application Form
Motor Car/Scooter/Motor Cycle Advance Application Form

Passport NOC Certificate Application Form:
Teachers and Govt Employees of Andhra Pradesh, for Obtaining Passport to go to foreign should obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their Employer.
Instructions to the Candidates:
1. Application should be submitted in 4 (four) sets.
2. Application must be forwarded by MEO/HM with covering letter.
3. 2 passport size photos should be affixed in the application and another 2 photos should be pinned to the first copy of the application.
4. Passport size photos which affixed in the application must be attested by MEO/HM.
5. Attach ration card Xerox copy or Aadhar Card with the application.

Marriage Advance Application form
The Marriage Advance Application Form contains the below sub-forms.
1. Form of Application for sanction of Marriage Advance:  FORM No-I (Para-4 (a))
2. Agreement Bond FORM No-II : (Para-4(a))
3. Form of personal security bond to be executed by a Government Employee applying, for Marriage
Advance along with a permanent Government Employee as Surity.: FORM No-III (Para-7)
4 Utilization Certificate Form No-IV (Para 10)

Motor Car/ Motor Cycle/ Scooter/Moped Advance Application Form
The Motor Car/Cycle/Scooter Advance Application Form Contains the below agreement Forms:
1. Form of Application by a Government Employee for an advance for the purchase of a Motor Car/Motor Cycle/ Scooter/Moped. : FORM No-2 Rule Para- (4)
2. Agreement Bond FORM No-3 Rule Para-(4)
3. Form of Mortgage Bond for a Motor Car/Motor  Cycle/ Scooter/Moped. On account of which a
Government Employee has drawn an advance. : FORM No-4 Rule, Para-13
4. Form of letter intimating to the insurance company, the Andhra Pradesh Government’s interest in the Motor Car/Motor Cycle/ Scooter/Moped. . FORM No-5 Para N0-5 (Para-11 (b) (iii))
5. Utilization Certificate
6. Form of Reconveyance of Mortgaged Vehicle FORM NO-6 Para-13