Rc.286 RVM Providing Transport Facility to Students for 2013-14

Rc.No. 286 /RVM(SSA)/C2/2012 Dated:12.06.2013 APRVM(SSA) – Access to schooling – Guidelines for Providing transport facility to children (students) for the year 2013-14.
Ref : 1.Annual Work Plan and Budget of SSA for the year 2013-14.
   All the Project Officers of RVM in the state except Hyderabad, Nizamabad and Visakhapatnam are informed that, the State has proposed to provide transport facility to the children i.e, 36142 in remote habitations in the Annual Work Plan and Budget for the year 2013-14.
     All the POs are requested to furnish the list of children who were provided transport facility in the prescribed proforma by 30-06-2013 without fail duly signed by the Project Officer concerned for computerization.
AP RVM Guidelines for providing Transport facility to children for the year 2013-14:
RVM has issued the following guidelines for providing Transport facility to Children:
  • Transport facility should be provided to the children in the habitations where there is no schooling facility for primary & upper primary within the neighbourhood of 1 km & 3 km. respectively as per RTE rules, if the journey is performed by Bus / mini Bus / Auto etc. 
  • Payment of transport charges shall not be made in respect of children having the free bus pass facility. 
  • This facility should be made available to the children who put in atleast 75% of attendance during a month. In case of the child not attended the school due to ill health the above condition may be relaxed basing on the discretion of Head Master. 
  •  The unit cost per child per annum is 3000/- as per SSA norms. However only actual expenditure should be incurred without exceeding per child limit.
  • The transport charges should be allowed only to the children studying in the nearest neighbourhood school managed by the Government / Local body. The children attending private schools are not entitled for this facility in any circumstances. 
  • If the budget is not approved in AWP&B 2013-14 for this facility, expenditure should not be incurred from other heads even though there is a requirement. 
  • The required budget should be released in two instalments i.e., one in July and another in December from District Project Office to the SMC accounts concerned directly through RTGS after obtaining the particulars of children eligible (School-wise) from the MEOs concerned. 
  • The Headmasters concerned should disburse the actual transportation charges to the parents concerned before 5th of every month only for the days children attended the school during the month and maintain acquaintance for payment. The records concerned may be kept in school for future audit. The Headmaster should furnish utilization certificate countersigned by the MEO concerned to the DPO by 31st March 2014 for the concerned financial year. After actual payment is made, the balance amount if any should be remitted back. 
  • The MEO concerned should submit a report to the DPO containing the details of habitation-wise names of children who were paid transport charges, unit cost, list of nearest neighbourhood schools to which the children attended, total amount paid to the children (School-wise) during the year 2013-14 etc. Inturn, the Project Officers shall consolidate the mandal-wise reports furnished by MEOs and submit district report to the State Project Office in the month of May 2014.
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