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GO.1127 Holiday on Panchayat Election Day to Government Institutions, Schools, Offices

GO.1127 8th July _ PR&RD-Elections- 4th ordinary Elections to the office of Sarpanch and Ward Members of Gram Panchayats - 2013 – Offices required for conduct of Elections - Declaration of public holiday in respect of Government offices and local bodies on the day of poll – Orders – Issued.
G.O.Rt.No. Dated:08.07.2013
Read: From the Secretary, State Election Commission, A.P., Secunderabad Lr.No.757/SEC-B2/2013, dt .03.07.2013
  • The State Election Commissioner has issued notification to hold 4th Ordinary Elections to the office of Sarpanch and Ward Members of Gram Panchayats 2013 in Phased manner on 23.07.2013, 27.07.2013 and 31.07.2013 in the State. 
  • 2. In order to enable the employees of the State Government, Local Bodies and other Government Institutions to exercise their franchise in the said elections Government authorize all the District Collectors (except District Collector, Hyderabad) to declare a local holiday on the day of poll on 23.07.2013, 27.07.2013 and 31.07.2013 for all the Government Offices, Local Bodies and Government Institutions situated in the areas of poll where elections to the office of Sarpanch and Ward members of Gram Panchayats will take place. 
  • 3. The Government further direct that the Central Government employees who are bonafide voters and desire to exercise their franchise be permitted to avail the facility subject to the normal exigencies of service either by way of coming late to office or by being allowed to leave officer early or a short absence on that polling day. 
  • 4. All the District Collectors in the State (except Hyderabad district) are requested to take necessary action and send copies of the orders issued by them to the State Election Commissioner, Buddha Bhavan, Secunderabad, Commissioner, Panchayat Raj and Rural employment and the Government for information.