GO.57 & GO.476 Social Welfare Department – Pre-Matric Scholarships (New Scheme) – Guidelines for sanction of Pre-Matric Scholarships to SC Students studying from Class V to VIII from the year 2013-14.
             Government of Andhra Pradesh have decided to sanction Pre-Matric Scholarship for students belonging to SC studying class V to VIII in Government Schools to curb the high drop out rate among Scheduled Caste children studying in Primary and Secondary Education level from the Academic Year 2013-14 and it is proposed to cover about 6 lakh students under this scheme subject to the following guidelines
  • The student should belong to Scheduled Caste. 
  • His/her Parent/Guardian’s income should not exceed Rs.2.00 lakhs per annum. 
  • He/she should have an Aadhar card, in case he/she does not have, he/she shall secure an Aadhar card by visiting the enrolment centre. 
  • He/She should be a regular, full time student studying in a Government School or in a School run by Local Bodies such as Mandal Praja Parishad, Zilla Praja Parishad, Municipalities / Municipal Corporations or any school aided by the Government. 
  • Scholarship shall be given to the student only once in any class. If a student has to repeat a class, he/she shall not get scholarship for that class for a second (or subsequent) year. 
  • Boys Rs.100 (Days scholars for 10months)
  • Girls Rs.150 (Days scholars for 10months)
Bank Account:
  • Each student shall have a Aadhar Linked-Bank Account in his/her name from any of the Nationalized Banks. Students who are minors shall have a joint account in the name of the student and mother / father / guardian as the case may be. 
  • The Bank account shall be linked to the Aadhar number of the student to enable scholarship transfer. Linkage of the Aadhar number with the Bank Account will be done by the Manager of the Bank concerned on production of Aadhar Number by the student / parent. 
Duration and Renewal of Awards :
  • The scholarship will be payable for 10 months in an academic year. 
Renewal Scholarship:
  • The award once made will continue subject to good conduct and regularity in attendance. It will be renewed for subsequent year after the student passes in the previous class.
    Student desirous of availing Pre-Matric Scholarships under the Scheme shall apply online at http://epass.cgg.gov.in and click on the Pre-Matric Scholarships for registration form and submit the following details.
  • i) Student details with Name and Address of the School. 
  • ii) Parental details with address. 
  • iii) Aadhar Linked Bank Account Number with IFSC Code, Bank Name and Bank branch. 
  • iv) Scan and upload Caste, Income Certificate as issued by the Mee-Seva Kendra (certificate other than those issued by Mee-Seva shall not be accepted). 
  • v) Scan and upload Aadhar Card Number & the Aadhar document. 
  • vi) Aadhar Linked Bank Account, pass book to be scanned and uploaded (only first stage). The Bank Account shall be in the name of the student along with the Mother / Father / Guardian in case the student is a minor. 
  • vii) Scan and Upload a Photograph. 
  • viii) The Headmasters shall provide assistance for students in downloading and registering online, if required. 

b) The duly filled in application shall be downloaded and copies of all documents as given in e-PASS shall be attached to the Application and submitted to the school Head Master.
c) Each student must give a declaration that he/she is not in receipt of any stipend/scholarship from the State or the Central Government.
d) The Head Master of the School shall verify all the details of the Application and countersign the Application. He shall also certify that the student is not receiving any other Scholarship from the State or the Central Government.
e) All the Applications of the students shall be forwarded to the local Hostel Warden of the Social Welfare Department.
f) The Hostel Welfare Officer in whose jurisdiction the school is located shall be the Verification Officer for all students applications received from the school under the Scheme.
g) Verification of the students by the Hostel Welfare Officer shall be done by authenticating the fingerprint of the student with the UIDA online. For this purpose, the Hostel Welfare Officer shall first assess the “Best Finger Detection” (BFD) for online authentication and use such finger with the BFD for online authentication with the Aadhar Network (UIDA).
h) Scholarship applications of only such students who have been authenticated online shall be processed for scholarship. Therefore HWOs and Head Masters are requested to ensure that the Aadhar Number is entered correctly.
i) The Joint Director / Deputy Director, Social Welfare of the District shall process only the Online Authenticated Applications for payment of Pre-Matric Scholarships, in respect of Hostel students, shall be remitted in the Accounts of Hostel Warden in which the student is residing and suitable dietary charges made for which detailed instructions to be issued in due course.
GO.57 Guidelines for Pre Matric Scholarships for SC Students - Download