Rc.111 Audit for RMSA Funds-RMSA Utilisation Certificate

RC..111/RMSA/2013 Dated. 27-7-2013 RMSA -Implementation of CSS RMSA in the State - Audit for RMSA Funds for High Schools - RMSA Utilisation Certificate Proforma
               The Director of School Education has invited the attention of all  the District Educational Officers and Ex-Officio District Project coordinators ,RMSA in the State are informed that the orders of appointment of Chartered Accountant for audit of RMSA, funds during the year 2012-13, is already communicated, and requested to cooperate with the Chartered Accountants as they are already taken up the work of audit of accounts in the Districts.
              Hence, the District Educational Officer and Ex-Officio District Project Coordinators, RMSA in the State are requested to Keep all the records ready for audit as and when the Chartered Accountants furnish their tour program.
             The District Educational Officer and Ex-Officio District Project Coordinators ,RMSA in the State, are also requested that a detailed Proforma of Utilization certificate is herewith enclosed with these proceedings ,and request to communicate the same to all the Secondary schools functioning under RMSA ,and issue strict instructions to all the Head Masters under their control ,to keep ready all the records of the Schools of RMSA where funds have been released to enable to place before the   Chartered Accountant at the time of inspection & furnish their dates to the schools.. The Head Masters shall bring all the records to their respective division , & information in the prescribed format, communicated by this office, and cooperate with the Chartered Accounts at the time of audit.
            These instruction should be followed scrupulously.

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