Rc.233 RVM Escort Allowance to CWSN Children || RVM Escort Allowance Application Form

Rc.No.233/RVM (SSA)/IE /C5/2012 - RVM Payment of Escort Allowance to the Children With Special Needs (CWSN) at Rs.250 per Child per Month || Escort Allowance Application Form
         All the Project officer's of RVM (SSA) in the state are hereby informed that, they are aware that the RVM (SSA) is providing Escort allowance to the children of those whose mobility is greatly· restricted and the help of escort is indispensable for them to attend the school. Keeping this in view it was decided to pay the Escort Allowance to such Children with Special Needs through School Management Committees by promptly releasing the Escort allowance amount of Rs.250/- per month per child basing on his/her attendance.
         They are informed that during the AWP&B 2013-14 Rs.177. 5751akhs was allotted for Escort Allowance @ Rs.250/- per month per child for 10 months to 7103 children in the State.
        The Project Officers shall take all precautions in identifying the eligible children to provide. the support of Escort allowance by following the guidelines which were already communicated by this office. Further the Project Officers are requested to inform the sanction and payment details of Escort allowance to all the parents of the eligible children in the beginning of the academic year. The data base of the beneficiaries shall be prepared and submit to this office for uploading the same in the website.
       The Project Officers shall regularly obtain and maintain the record of acquittances properly for all future audit purposes. The amount shall be met from the budget available under the activity of "Escort Allowance" under component of Intervention for CwSN of concerned Districts.
      This has got the approval of the State Project Director, A.P. RVM (SSA) Hyderabad.
Rc.233 Escort Allowance to CWSN Children & Dist Wise Annexures-Download Copy
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