Rc.900 RVM CCE Summative Exams-Preparation of Summative Question Papers for 2013-14

Rc.900/RVM(SSA)/Cl/2013 Dated: 14.08.2013-RVM CCE Summative-1 Exams-Instructions and Guidelines on Preparation of Summative Question Papers for 2013-14 under CCE Model || Summative Exams in Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation for 2013.
Ref: This office Proc No. 556/RVM(SSA)/Cl/2012 Dated : 12.8.13
          All the District Educational Officers, the Project Officers of RVM (SSA) and the Principals of DIETs in the State are informed that the State Project Office has decided to conduct 4 school complex meetings for the year 2013-14 and informed Vide reference first cited. And also informed to prepare school based Summative - I question papers in 1st complex meeting, which will held in the month of August 2013.
             The SCERT, who is academic authority is designed CCE on the principle of teacher made I school based tests. Accordingly the SSA is providing only model papers to prepare school based question papers in the school complex meeting.
             Further, it is to inform that it is proposed to implement Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) for the year 2013 with the modifications and suggestions made be SCERT. (It is also already informed through teleconference on 5th & 6th August 2013). The modifications proposed for the year 2013·14 are as follows.
  1. There is no centralized question papers. Every teacher has to prepare school based question papers (Summative) in the school complex meetings. The AP RVM(SSA) is providing only model Summative·I papers. 
  2. Formative assessments have to be done as per the guidelines provided through teleconference
  3. Any amount required for conduct of Summative test and to procure material for preparation of papers may be permitted to utilize the School Grant of 2013·14
  4. One long note book to every student has to be used to all kinds tests for the academic year 2013·14.
  5. The DPOs have to send one set of Model Summative - I papers (98 pages) for Classes I to VIII to all school complexes.
             Therefore, the DEOs & POs of RVM(SSA) in the state are requested to inform to all the schools to implement CCE and to conduct Summative-I successfully.
Rc.900 Guidelines on Summative Question Papers-Download
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