How to get Twitter Messages (Tweets) to BSNL Mobiles -Easy Tips and Tricks

How to get Twitter Messages to BSNL Mobiles || Trick to Get Tweets to Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited Cell Phones. As Twitter stopped delivery of Messages to Airtel Network, Lot of Teachers asking us what to do now ?. We did some work and applied some tricks on Twitter and Made it to work for BSNL Mobiles also. We got success and as we are receiving and enjoying Twitter Messages to BSNL Cell Phone from the Last seven days. Hence We are now revealing the Secret behind receiving the Twitter Tweets to your favorite and India's Biggest Network..

     Let us see what are pre-requisites for getting tweets to our Mobiles.

Steps to Get Twitter Tweets to BSNL Mobiles

First Open Your Twitter Account. If You don't have a Twitter Account then Create a Twitter Account by typing as After Your Login, Click on the Top Right Side Arrow and click on "Settings" to open the Settings Page. See the Image Below. You have to do this from computer not from Cell Phone

2. After the Settings Page is opened, Then Click on Mobile on the Left Side Tab. It Looks Like This.

Update: If any Mobile Phone is already associated with the Twitter Account Then Delete the Phone Number given at the Bottom of the Page at "Delete my Phone" and Then try to add your Mobile Number
3. After Clicking on Mobile, This Step is Crucial.  Enter Your Cell Phone Number to which you want to get Messages in the Place given, and select TATA DOCOMO as your Network. Yes, I am right. Don't confuse. Enter TATA DOCOMO. But you may be thinking why not BSNL, If you Enter Your original Carrier, It will Not accept, since BSNL is not supported by Twitter.
See Below.
4.Now A New page will open asking you to send a Message as GO to 53000. You can't sent the Message from Your mobile as Our Network is not Supporting It to send. This page will look like below.

5.Now Close the "System Browser". And Open Mobile Browser from any Other Mobile. Type "" and Login to your account using your mail Id and Password. After Logging in immeidately, a Message will appear on the top asking you to Enter The Code received on your Cell Phones. As we have not received any Code, Click on "Resend Confirmation Code". Wait for 10-20 Minutes. Be patient till you receive the Code. You Will receive a Confirmation Code consisting of 6 digits. Enter the received 6 Digit Code in the Mobile Browser and click on Verify. As soon as it is verified, it says "Your mobile number has been verified". If not Verified, Click again on "Resend Confirmation Code" and repeat the process.

Last but not the Least and Important Step. Type in the Browser as "". You will a get page of APTEACHERS Tweets. Then see for "FOLLOW" button below the APTEACHERS welcome Page as shown in the figure. click on the Follow Button. Then to the left of the follow button click on the arrow and see "Turn on Mobile Notifications" in the dropdown list. Click on the "Turn on Mobile Notifications" to receive APTEACHERS Messages directly to Cell Phone. That's It

Conclusion: Let us know whether This trick has worked for you Not. Do Leave Your comments Below. If any problems faced we are ready to help you. If You Got Success, Do not forget to comment your experience. Let us know how many of you got success.