Rc.563 Strengthening of MRGS Developing of Model School where MRGs are positioned

Rc.No.563/RVM(SSA)/SIEMAT/B14/2013  Date. 11.2013. Strengthening of MRGS Developing of Model School where MRGs are positioned. RVM wish to develop Three Model Schools in each Mandal where MRGs are working in the State and TLM through Workshops.

Details of Strengthening of MRGs-Developing Model Schools
Details of the Proceedings are as follows:
Subject: A.P RVM(SSA), Hyderabad- SIEMAT Strengthening of MRGS-Developing of Model School where MRGs are positioned- Reg.
1. Rc.No.563/RVM (SSA)/SIEMAT/B14/2013, dt22.10.2013
2. Rc.No.563/RVM (SSA)/SIEMAT/B14/2013, dt09.1 0.20 13
3. Rc.No.563/RVM (SSA)/SIEMAT/B1412013, dt08.10.2013

  1. All the DEOs,Project Officers of RVM (SSA),Principals of DIETs are hereby informed that RVM wish to develop 3 Model Schools in the MandaI where MRGs are working in the State. There is a plan to develop these Model Schools by providing inputs like orientation and training of MRGs, development of Teacher Learning Material through Workshops and other necessary support. In this regard as cited in ref 3rd all the MEOs in the State are instructed to visit all the 3 MRG Schools from 17thto 19 October in their respective Mandals. Further the POs are requested to deploy all the Sectoral officers of District Project Office's on the above three days to visit all the MRG Schools in different Revenue Divisions and send the consolidated reports received from MEOs and Sectoral Officers to State Project office by 28.10.2013.
  2. In vide ref 2nd the Guidelines and Road Map for development of Model Schools has sent to all Project Officers in the State to communicate the same to all Mandal Education officers and to MRG Schools. But after the review through audio conference conducted on 4.11.2013 and through the visits of SIEMAT faculty to various districts it came to know that the Guidelines and the Road Map and other instructions communicated by SIEMAT cell and Pedagogy cell have not yet reached the field level. In this regard all the Project Officers are instructed to implement the concept of Model Schools in the identified schools rigorously.
  3. Further they may be instructed to deploy all Sectoral officers working in the District Project Offices and MEOs to visit the Model Schools for effective Monitoring and send the status report to SPO by 10.11.2013.
  4. Those Districts who have not completed or not yet initiated are requested to undertake such visits to Model School immediately.The revised Road Map on Model Schools for District Project Offices and revised Guide Lines for Model Schools and Job Chart for MRGs is annexed to this Progs. All the POs are requested to communicate the revised Guide Lines on Model Schools and Job Chart for MRGs to all MRG Schools in their respective District and ensure their destination Points.
  5. All the Project Officers informed to conduct the review meeting with MEOs exclusively on Model Schools (MRG) after the completion of first cycle visits as specified in the Road Map .Further the POs/AMOs may be instructed to review the progress of Quality Monitoring Tools (QMT) at each level in their respective District and submit the consolidated DMFs with in the time schedule.
  6. Based on the out comes of the Quality Monitoring report at each level, review meeting may be conducted at each level as per the schedule and take remedial measures to improve the quality at each level. Further they may be asked to communicate the minutes of the meeting and Action Taken Report (ATR) to the next higher level.
Level Dates for Review Meeting
Schoo 18 to 20 November, 2013
Level Dates for Review Meeting
School Complex 22 and 23 November, 2013
Mandal 26 to 28 November, 2013
District 28 to 30 November, 2013

The DEOs/POs/AMOs may be instructed to strictly adhere the schedule and may be asked to send the compliance report to SPO by December 5th 2013.
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