AP SCERT Seminar on Innovations on Mathematics Teaching

APSCERT State Level Seminar on Innovations on Mathematics Teaching. State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT), Andhra Pradesh invites participants i.e., Teachers and Teacher Educators working in Govt, Aided and Private institutions, research scholars and subject experts for a Two Day State Level Seminar on “INNOVATIONS IN MATHEMATICS TEACHING” being held at Hyderabad on18th & 19th February, 2014. (Exact venue will be intimated in due course)

APSCERT Innovations in Mathematics Teaching State Level Seminar

About Seminar:
  1. Mathematics plays an important role in human life and it is said to be corner stone in all round development of a person and hence it has been incorporated in school curriculum as a core subject area. But the performance of children in Mathematics is far from the expected levels and it has been a matter of concern. Many National and State Level Studies have also revealed the same.
  2. Further Learning of Mathematics has become  indispensible at School level owing to its significant role that plays in the world of Technology. The days are gone, where studying of Mathematics is not considered as cup of Tea for everyone. But today though it is not considered as an easy subject as of other subjects for many people, but due to its high utilitarian and intellectual values, it occupied as a core subject in the School Curriculum. It is said that ‘Mathematics is for every child and every child can Learn Mathematics’.
  3.  Unfortunately our school system is not well equipped to make Every Child Learn Mathematics at a reasonable level. Perhaps the mathematics curriculum or textbooks or classroom teaching is making Mathematics a drudgery experience for many children. Many children are bogged with Math Phobia, which has become a serious impediment for learning Mathematics. The classroom practices of many Mathematics teachers are not helping to ground the mathematical concepts in the young minds. Mathematical thinking is not becoming a central issue in the Teaching learning process. The Curriculum and the textbooks don’t reflect the needs and aspirations of the children, it is got delinked with daily life skills, the contexts provided as a learning experience are of alien in nature. These are certain causative factors that made Learning of Mathematics as a painful experience for majority of the children in the country.
  4. The recent curricular reforms that were enunciated through National Curriculum Frame work -2005 in the areas of Curriculum, textbooks, Teaching Learning processes and Assessment procedures set a stage to bring the reforms in the School Education in our State. The AP State Curriculum Frame work-2011; the development of new textbooks with an emphasis on Knowledge Construction, discovery approach, critical pedagogy, new assessment procedures introduced in the form of CCE are certain initiatives that are forayed in the scenario of the School Education in the State. Therefore there is a need to put in concerted efforts to make Mathematics learning more enjoyable and achieve desired learning outcomes among the children.
In this backdrop, the conduct of Seminar on Innovations in Mathematics Teaching at State Level assumes significance bringing the Mathematicians, Educationists, Classroom Practitioners on one forum helps in exploring the ideas, ways and means in making Mathematics Teaching a meaningful, productive, intellectual and pleasurable experience for the children to lead the challenges of the 21st Century with confidence and courage.
How to Submit and What to Submit for Seminar
Interested participants are requested to send their papers not exceeding 5 pages in A4 size paper to the Director, SCERT. The papers should be related to the theme and sent in both hard and soft copies. The papers should contain
title, introduction, objectives, experimental methods, results, conclusions, references, etc., The papers shall be sent stage wise i.e, primary, upper primary and secondary separately.
Screening committee will short list the papers based on originality and quality and the participants of selected papers will be informed accordingly.

Important Dates
  • Submission of Registration form along with abstract and full paper: 27th January 2014
  • Acceptance of papers and intimating to the selected participants: 5th February, 2014
  • Dates of seminar: 18th & 19th February 2014
Hospitality and Charges:
TA (only Sleeper Class) / DA will be paid as per APTA norms to the invited non local participants. Local Conveyance will be paid to the invited local participants.

Expected Out Comes
The Seminar will provide an opportunity to the Teachers, Teacher Educators, Research Scholars and subject experts to share their experiences, Research Studies in classroom teaching leading to effective teaching of Mathematics and improvement in Achievement levels among children. The recommendations of the seminar will provide inputs in changing the methodology and related policies in teaching learning process. The abstract and full papers may be published as conference proceedings.

Whom to Contact:
For further Details Contact
8008201513, 9849973546, 9989334932
Website : www.apscert.gov.in
State Council of Educational Research and Training,
Opp: L.B Stadium, E-Gate,
Hyderabad-500 001.