GO.56 GPF Modified New Application Form - Modification to GPF Form Appendix S

GO.Ms.No.56 Dated 28.2.2014 AP Government Provident Fund (AG-GPF) New Application Form – Modification of the GPF Form Appendix S, note 2 sub-rule(7) under Rule 7 of A.P. General Provident Fund (Andhra Pradesh) Rules, 1935. Govt has modified the Existing GPF Account Opening Application Form and ordered to use the New Modified Form for Subscribers to admission into a GPF Account.
G.O.Ms.No. 56 Dt: 28/02/2014 of Finance Department

GO.56 GPF Modified New Application Form - Modification to GPF Form Appendix S

  1. The Principal Accountant General (A&E), A.P., Hyderabad has proposed through the Lr.No.FM/Gl.II/9-3/2013-14/1707, dt:-15/01/2014 from Deputy Accountant General (Funds), O/o Principal Accountant General (A&E), A.P., Hyderabad to modify the form of application for admission to GPF under Appendix S, note 2 sub-rule (7) under Rule 7 of APGPF Rules, 1935 so as to ensure that full details required for opening the GPF account of the employee are received in their office and also for smooth transfer of previous balance available in other PF accounts. 
  2. The Government after careful examination have modified the existing form which is appended to this order.
  3. All the Departments in the Secretariat and Heads of Departments are requested to take necessary action accordingly in the matter.
For Your the Existing and New Forms are given below.
Existing GPF Application Form
Office of the…… Statement of Particulars for allotment of Provident Fund Account Numbers to Compulsory subscribers for for the month of _______Please read carefully the instructions before filling in the form
Head of account to which pay and allowances are debited----------------------Name of Fund…………………………

Name of Govt.Serv- ant
Name of subscriber’s father/husba-nd.
Date of birth of subscriber
Date of joining service
Monthly Rate of subcrip- tion (in whole rupee)
Month from which subcription to commence
To be filled in by Account-ant General’s Office. Account No. allotted

Proposed New Modified GPF Form:

Application for admission to the General Provident Fund
(To be submitted in duplicate)
1. Full Name (in Block Letters):
2. Fathers/Husband’s Name:
3. (i) Official Designation:
(ii) Employee ID:
(iii) Mobile No.:
(iv) E-Mail ID:
(Mobile & E-Mail ID to be used for communication by A.G.’s Office)
4. Date of Birth:
5. (i) Date of Initial Appointment:
(ii) Date of appointment in present post:
6. Date of Superannuation:
7. Office to which attached, if on deputation, state the parent Department, Government also:
8. Service to which the applicant belongs:
9. Whether applicant’s service is pensionable or not:
10. Whether the applicant is permanent, temporary or re-employed. If temporary, give the date of commencement of service:
11. Rate of emoluments drawn per month:
12. Rate of subscription per month:
13. Whether the individual is a compulsory or optional subscriber:
14. If subscriber was subscribing to any other fund, the name of such fund, A/c No, Copy of latest slip:
15. Whether the applicant has a family or not:
16. Account No. to be allowed by the Accounts Officer:
17. Remarks:

A form of Nomination in the prescribed from, duly filled up, is enclosed.
1. Enclose an attested copy of Service Register in support of date of birth and date of initial appointment.
2. In respect of employees already having class IV GPF/ZPPF, the proposals to be forwarded through the DTO/PAO/CEO, ZP concerned.
After allotment of GPF account number by this office, the balance at the credit of the previous account shall immediately be transferred by the DTO/PAO/CEO, ZP concerned to the new account along with month wise details of last 5 years transactions in the previous account.