Rc.746 Celebration of School Annual Day function for 2013-14 Guidelines

Rc.746/RVM(SSA)/C8/2011 Dated 15.2.2014. Guidelines for Celebration of School Annual Day function for 2013-14 in all Government, Local Body Schools (Mandal Parishad, Zilla Parishad etc) through the State.
The SPD RVM has informed all the Project Officers in the State to issue instructions to Head Masters of all Schools to celebrate the School Annual Day Function at all Schools and instructed to follow the unit cost as shown below:
  1. Below 100 Children Schools: Rs. 400
  2. Above 100 Children Schools Rs. 600

All the Project Officers are requested to release the amount to all the Mandal Educational Officers / Head Masters of all Schools for celebration of School Annual Day Function. All the POs are informed to meet the expenditure from SMC/PRI Trainings for 2013-14

Guidelines and Instructions for School Annual Day Celebration Function 2013-14

  1. All Parents, Ex-Officio Members, Co-Opted Members, Villagers, Philanthropists, alumni etc should be invited besides SMC Members.
  2. Create awareness on Right to Education among them through Debate, Elocution and Cultural Acitivites.
  3. Create awareness among all that the School is also as Sacred as Devotional, spiritual Places like Temple, Mosques, Churches.
  4. Awareness that All Should take responsibility to Enroll the School Age Children (6-14 Years) in the Schools. 
  5. The responsibility of Parents and School Management Committees on developing School and Improving the Standards of Children.
  6. Motivate Parents, and SMC Members to be regular in participating the School related activities, SMC Meetings etc.
More Details will be available soon.