Rc.54/RVM Sarpanches for SMC Meetings || Rc.641 Vindam Nerchukundam Program Monitoring

Proc Rc.No.54/RVM(SSA)/RTECELL/2014 Dated 11th Feb 2014.Invite Sarpanches for SMC Meetings-Amendment to GO.41 Dated 19.6.2013
Govt has amended the GO.No.41 SE(PE-SSA) Dept Dated 19.6.2013, and substituted the following amendment as follows:

  1. "(15) "Local Authority" means as defined in the Act, and includes Mandal Praja Parishads and Gram Panchayats, as the case may be in their respective jurisdictions. In Rule 19 II (d), after clause (c), the following shall be added viz:- "(d) Local Authority Chairperson: The concerned Sarpanch / Municipal Chairperson/Mayor may attend meeting of SMC in their respective areas at his/her discretion". The amendments were made to facilitate Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from elected members as elected parents are acting as Chairperson / Vice Chairperson in most of States. However, the Sarpanches are to be invited to the SMC Meetings in the capacity of Chairperson of the Gram Panchayat which is declared as one  of the "Local Authority."
  2. Hence all the Project Officers are requested to issue instructions to all the HMs in the State to involve the Sarpanches and give top priority for the Education and Literacy Programmes at village level and invite them to the SMC meetings in the capacity of the Chairperson of the Gram Panchayat which is declared as one of the Local Authority.

Procs.No.641/RVMSSA/B9/2013 Dated: 25.02.2014
Sub: AP, RVM (SSA), Hyderabad - Monitoring of Vindam Nerchukundam Radio Programme-instructions.
The attention of the Project Officers of RVM(SSA) in the state is invited to the reference Progs.Rc. No. 641/RVM (SSA)/B9/2013, dt15.01.2014 where in a proforma was communicated with a request to furnish the information on the implementation of "Meena Prapancham and Vindam Nerchukundam Radio Programmes.
Therefore, they are requested to obtain and furnish the feedback report on "Vindam Nerchukundam Radio Programme" from the Head Masters/ MEOs  Sectoral officers working in the DPO and submit in the proforma - I and II to the State Office on or before 5thof every month as detailed below.
  1. CRP has to monitor the Radio Programme in the school and to furnish the feedback report to the MEOs concerned.
  2. Each MEO has to monitor at least one Radio Programme in a week in anyone of the schools in MandaI and has to furnish feedback report to the DPO concerned along with consolidation of MandaI reports in proforma - I
  3. Each Sectoral Officer working in the DPO has to monitor at least one Radio Programme in a week and to furnish the feedback report to POs concerned without fail