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Preparation of Promotion Lists as per CCE || CCE Promotion List Softwares 2014

Preparation of Promotion Lists 2014 as per CCE || CCE Promotion List Softwares. We are at the closing of the Academic Year. Now It is the time to calculate the Annual Grade of a Student under CCE and to Prepare promotion Lists of Students Class wise and for whole School. As we know that the Weightage in preparation of Promotion Lists under CCE is changed for 2014. As per given weightage some of our Teachers have prepared CCE Promotion List Softwares. Let us briefly discuss how to Calculate the Annual Grade of a Student under CCE for 2014.
CCE Annual Promotion List Softwares

Preparation of Promotion Lists under CCE || CCE Promotion List Softwares 2014

As per current and revised Norms of CCE, The Annual Grade of the Student is calculated basing on the results of 4th Formative Assessment, and 3rd Summative Assessment. The Promotion Lists should also be prepared basing on the Average of the results of 4th FA and 3rd SA. Take the sum of the Marks of 4th FA and 3rd SA and Calculate the Grade of the Student. Basing on the Percentage of Marks, Calculate the Final and Annual Grade of the Student.
As per the Modules provided by RVM, along with the Subjects like Telugu, Maths, EVS, English the co-curricular activities like Health Edn, Computer Edn... etc activities might have to be entered in Annual Promotion List. Hence take guidance of your MEO/HM for further clarification.
Here are some CCE Promotion List Softwares provided for references:

We won't take any responsibility on the exactness of the above softwares as they are not provided by Official authorities but prepared by teachers.


  1. hi these softwares are really good and useful,but why had the co curricular activities grading left

  2. gud wrk nice software thank you

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