GO.116 New HOD DDO Codes for Residual AP- SSC Exams New DDO Code

Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 –Reorganization of Secretariat Departments and Heads of Departments – Creation of new Drawing and Disbursing OfficerCodes for all DDOs of all Secretariat Departments and Heads of Departments for residuary State of Andhra Pradesh for preferring claims through Pay and Accounts Offices and collection of receipts from the appointed day i.e., 02-06-2014. New Code for Govt Examinations in AP, School Edn Dept.

GO.116 New HOD DDO Codes for Residual AP from 2nd June 2014

  1. Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby, order that the existing Drawing and Disbursing OfficerCodes of all Secretariat Departments, Heads of Departments, the District Offices and Regional Offices located in Hyderabad shall be used by respective Departments of Telangana State and the new Drawing and Disbursing Officers Codes created by the Director of Treasuries and Accounts, A.P. Hyderabad (starting with the series“27”) shall be adopted by the DDOs of residuary Andhra Pradesh State from the appointed day i.e., 02-06-2014. The DDO codes allotted to each of office of Andhra Pradesh State is shown in the annexure enclosed. All transactions pertaining to their Offices should be booked under these newly created DDO codes only from the appointed day onwards i.e., 02-06-2014.
  2. All the Heads of Departments and Secretariat Departmentsare requested to issue suitable instructions to their subordinate Offices under their control to follow the newly created D.D.O. Codes.

Rc.No. 23/13/A3-l/2014, Dt:30-05-2014. SSC Exams New DDO Code

  1. With reference to the subject and G.O. under reference cited, Director of Govt Exams has informed that the Government has issued orders duly creating new DDO codes for the Secretariat Departments and Head of Departments in the residual} Andhra Pradesh from the Appointed Day i.e. 02-06-2014 in view of the A.P. Reorganisation Act 2014. 
  2. The newly created DDO Code for this office for all types of receipts of fee and user charges is 27000303001- Assistant Commissioner for Govt. Exams instead of 25000303001 from the appointed day i.e. 02-06-2014 onwards. 
  3. In this connection, all the DEOs are hereby requested to issue necessary instructions to the Deputy Educational Officers, Head Masters of all High Schools and also give vide publicity through newspapers for remittance of examinations fee/user charges through Treasury Challan using DDO Code 27000303001 only from 02-06-2014 onwards.