Norms for Rationalisation of Primary, Upper Primary, High Schools as per GO.55 Dt 23.4.11

Norms for Rationalisation of Primary, Upper Primary, High Schools as per GO.55 Dt 23.4.11. Rationalization of Schools has been a Hot Topic for Teachers of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools. In 2011, Govt has released the GO.55 on 23.4.2011 clarifying the Norms for Rationalisation of Schools, Posts and Staff under various managements viz., Government, Zilla Parishad, Mandal Praja Parishad, Municipal Schools. In this Order, we can see the Teacher-Pupil Ratio, Staff Pattern to be maintained in Schools while Rationalisation. Let us see the Main Parts of the GO., i.e.,
  • 1) Norms for Rationaisation for Primary Schools-Click Here
  • 2) Norms for Rationalisation for Upper Primary Schools-Click Here
  • 3) Norms for Rationalization for High Schools briefly.-Click Here
  • 4) Norms for Identification of Surplus Teachers, Posts and Work Adjustment.- Click Here

Norms for Rationalisation of Primary, Upper Primary, High Schools as per GO.55 Dt 23.4.11

Important Points of the GO.55   
    Under Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009, the Right to Education is accorded the same legal status as the Right to Life as provided by Article 21 (a) of Indian Constitution. Every child in age group of 6 to 14 years will have to be provided upto 8 years of Elementary Education on admission to an age appropriate class in the vicinity of his / her neighborhood.
Right to Education Act 2009 at Section 25(1) reads:-
“Within six months from the date of commencement of this Act, the appropriate Government and the local authority shall ensure that the Pupil-Teacher Ratio, as specified in the Schedule, is maintained in each school.”
  1. Accordingly, this exercise of Rationalization of staff in schools is taken up strictly in accordance with norms and standards given in the schedule of the Act to implement this provision of the Act. In this regard, the Government have constituted a committee to submit a report on the modalities for rationalization of 
  2. teachers working in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools (Govt./ZP/MP) in the State based on the data available as on 01.12.2010 
  3. Rationalization shall be done every year before commencement of Academic year.
  4. On account of this rationalization there shall be no creation of any new post or reduction in sanctioned posts in a District, with District taken as a unit for each management.

Norms for Rationalization Schools in Primary Schools, Staff Pattern, Roll Particulars

Enrolment range (I to V Classes) (See Note (ii)) Head Master No. of SGTs Total
Upto 19 ---- 1 1
20 – 60 ----- 2 2
61 – 90 ----- 3 3
91 – 120 ----- 4 4
121 – 150 ----- 5 5
151 – 200 1 5 6
201 – 240 1 6 7
241 – 280 1 7 8
281 – 320 1 8 9
321 – 360 1 9 10
361 - 400 1 10 11
  1. Head Master of a Primary School should be of School Assistant cadre in terms of Scale though it is an S.G.T post. 
  2. There shall be no separate LFL post of H.M. Existing LFL posts will be rationalized as per the above enrollment table showing H.Ms post for a Primary School

Norms for Rationalisation of Upper Primary Schools, Staff Pattern and Roll Particulars

  1. For I to V Classes of an Upper Primary School, same staff pattern as stated in Annexure - I (for a primary school) is to be followed. However the post of Head master of Primary School, if sanctioned already is treated as S.G.T when the school is upgraded into a Upper Primary School. 
  2. 2. For classes VI to VII, additional subject teachers (posts) are to be added according to enrollment for handling various curricular subjects, as given in the Table given below. 
  3. a) Staff Pattern for an Upper Primary School for VI & VII Classes keeping in view weightages for 6 subjects (including three languages under three language formula) and activity subjects & Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)
  4. b) The senior most School Assistant in the Upper Primary School shall be Head Master of that school. 
  5. c) School Assistants / Language Pandits are supposed to handle their subjects specifically and other subjects in general for other classes also if allotted by the Head Master according to need.
Enrolment range in VI & VII Total no. of permissible sections in VI & VII / Classes No. of periods per week
No. of eligible Posts
S.A. (Maths) (8) S.A. (Bio. Sci.) (5) S.A. (S.S) (6) S.A. (English) (6) S.A. (Phy. Sci) (5) Gr. II Pandit (I Lang.) (6) Gr. II Pandit (II Lang.) (3) Total Posts
Upto 120 2 1 --- 1 --- --- 1 1 4
121-150 3 1 1 1 - - 1 1 5
151 - 180 3 1 1 1 1 --- 1 1 6
181 – 240 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 7
241 – 280 5 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 8
281 – 315 According to need 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 9
316-350 --do-- 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 10
351-385 --do-- 2 1 2 2 1 2 1 11

Norms for Rationalisation of Schools in High Schools

Norms for Rationalization of  High Schools as per GO.55

Norms for Shifting of Surplus Posts due to Rationalisation, Posting of Surplus Teachers

If the sanctioned posts of teachers are more than the above norms the posts shall be shifted as follows:
  • a) Secondary Grade teacher posts in Primary / Upper Primary Schools shall be shifted to other needy Primary/ Upper Primary Schools within the Mandal. If the posts are not required in the same Mandal, the posts shall be shifted to other needy Mandals giving preference to backward Mandals. 
  • b) Posts other than Secondary Grade Teachers shall be shifted to the needy High Schools / Upper Primary Schools according to subject need as per staffing patterns giving preference to the schools located in category IV, III, II, I areas in that order. 
The junior most Teacher in the School shall be identified as a surplus Teachers. In case senior teacher(s) prefers to leave the school senior teacher(s) shall be identified as surplus.

  • Surplus teacher identified shall be posted in the available vacancies through counseling on the basis of seniority. 
  • If the number of sanctioned posts is less than the number of eligible posts given in the staff pattern table in Annexure-III, then the sanctioned posts given under “Total Posts” in that table should be followed. For example: (a) suppose a High School has enrolment 401 and number of sanctioned HM & SA posts is 12. In that case the staff pattern meant for total 12 posts of Annexure-III only is to be followed instead of total eligible 14 posts. Suppose in the same school number of School Assistants for Maths working is 3, In that case the surplus Maths SA is to be replaced by a needy subject School Assistant. However, this school is eligible to receive 2 more posts on rationalization if there are surplus posts identified.