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Guidelines on School, Class Readiness Program 2014-15 from 16th Jun-31st July in AP

Rc.No. 02/A3/SSA/Cl/2014, Dated: 11 .06. 2014.Guidelines on School and Class Readiness Program 2014-15 from 16th June-31st July (45 Days). RVM Guidelines on Launch of a 45-day programme of School Readiness for class I & II and Class Readiness for classes II to VIII across the State in Telugu & Urdu medium schools from 16th June to 31st July, 2014. Class readiness Program for 3-8th class Students and School Readiness Program for 1st and 2nd Class Program and Objectives have been released. Let us see the Guidelines on School and Class Readiness Program as released by RVM briefly.

Guidelines on School and Class Readiness Program 2014-15 from 16th Jun-31st Jul

        All the District Educational Officers, the Project Officers of SSA and the Principals of DIETS in the state are hereby informed that as per the State AWP & B for 2014-15 of Pedagogy wing, it is proposed to continue the School Readiness and Class readiness programme during present academic year i.e 2014-15 for a period of about 45 days from 16th June to 31st July 2014 at the elementary level of education i.e from class 1st to 8th. More specifically, school readiness is proposed for class 1st and 2nd and class readiness is proposed for classes from 2nd to 8th of Telugu & Urdu medium schools. This programme is proposed in the light of the PAB recommendations, 2014-15 on conduct of in-service teacher training especially in respect of early grades and primary classes.
         In this connection, it is informed that on the lines of the recommendations of the PAB,2014-15, focus is given to acquisition of Language skills (LSRW) and Mathematical Skills( 4 Fundamental Processes) by children of classes 2nd to 8th of Telugu & Urdu medium schools. In respect of school readiness, the teachers will take up relevant Playful Activities in order to make the child ready Psychologically, Physically and sociologically and also to receive the instruction more in an informal way.

Objectives of the Program:

School Readiness:
Tto ensure that every child seeking admission in to Class I & II is Psychologically, Physically and sociologically ready to receive instruction in a child friendly environment. 
Class Readiness:
To ensure that children acquire the stated academic standards to continue in the present class.

Outcomes of the School, Class Readiness Program

  • Every child should have acquired B or A grade in the Mother tongue ( Telugu & Urdu) and mathematics, 
  • Every child should be able to read and write in the Mother tongue & do the mathematics correctly. 
  • Every child should be able to read and write sentences correctly in the mother tongue and should have acquired creative skills and language skills as per the class specific academic standard. 
  • Every child should be able to do the class relevant fundamental processes m mathematics and should have acquired the stated skills in mathematics as per the academic standards. 
Target Group: 
Children who are admitted in classes I to VTII Mother and Mathematics. Time line: June 16th to July 31st 2014

Resource Material:
Class Readiness and School Readiness Modules supplied in Primary and Upper Primary levels, Workbooks meant for Summer Camps for children of classes I & II and III, IV & V, Sneha bala cards and Text books and any other relevant material suitable to the levels of the children.

Special instructions:
  • Out of a total of 48 periods at the Primary level, 20 periods should exclusively be meant for Mother Tongue & Mathematics only and the remaining hours for the teaching of the other subjects. 
  • Daily Home work should be given and it should be corrected, 
  • Maintain the children's performance register based on the earlier summative 3 test grading. 
  • Record the progress of the child level-wise i.e., in Telugu. 
  1. Level I: Identification, pronunciation and recognition of the alphabet. 
  2. Level II: Writing the alphabet. 
  3. Level III: Identification, Recognition and Pronunciation of language items. 
  4. Level IV: Reading and Writing of the language items. 
  5. Level V: Reading and Writing of the words in the Mother Tongue.
  6. Level VI: Reading and Writing sentences( simple words and simple sentences) 
  7. Level VII: Perfection in the language skills. 
Record the progress of the child level-wise i.e., in Mathematics. 
  1. Level 1: Identification, pronunciation and recognition of the Numbers. 
  2. Level II: Writing the Numbers. 
  3. Level III: To be able to do the two digits subtractions and additions. 
  4. Level IV: To be able to do the two digits multiplications according to the class standards. 
  5. Level V: To be able to do the two digits divisions according to the class standards. 
  6. Level VI: To be able to grasp the tables according to the class standards. 
Role of the Teacher:
  • To identify the children those who are lagging behind the basics in Mother tongue and Mathematics, 
  • To maintain the performance register, 
  • To prepare the activities and to utilize low cost and no cost TLM, 
  • To follow the time line schedule, and 
  • To ensure that every child acquires the stated academic standards in Mother tongue and in Mathematics before 30th July 2014. 
  • However, no child should remain inC grade after 30th July 2014. 
Role of the HM:
  • To conduct weekly meetings to review the children's performance, 
  • To provide necessary academic support and monitor every class, 
  • To take the responsibility to implement the programme. 
DPO Guidelines/DEO
  • Get the Summative 3 Data of 2013-14 and use it as the base line for 2014-15. 
  • Communicate the role ofHMs and Teachers in implementing the programme. 
  • Communicate to all the MEOs to attend a Video Conference on 13-06-2014 from 11.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M.
  • The DEOs and the POs of SSA and the Principals of the DIETs should attend the video conference on 13-06-2014.
  • For an effective monitoring of the implementation of the School and Class readiness programme, the DPO shall take necessary steps to constitute District Monitoring Teams with Principals of DIETs, faculty of DIET, Dy.EOs, AMOs, AAMOs, DRPs, DLMTs and Mandai Level Teams with MEOs, School Complex HMs, MRPs, CRPs to monitor the School Readiness and Class readiness programme at District level and Mandai level respectively.
  • To monitor the programme at the State level, State level observers will be sent to respective districts with instructions to spend at least four days a fortnight (total 3 fortnights and 12 days) i.e. in 3 spells during the programme schedule in the district allotted. The DPOs of the SSA of the districts are requested to provide accommodation and transport facility to the State Level Observers. Action Plan of School and Class Readiness Program


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