Rc.353 KGBV Admissions and Enrollment Guidelines for 2014-15 in AP and TG States

Rc.No.353/APKGBV/2014-6, dt. 03-05-2014 KGBV Admissions & Enrolment Guidelines for the year 2014-15 in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyaalayaas. Each KGBV is permitted to enrol up to 200 children in classes of 6th to 10th, but the following shall be ensured. The Girls already admitted in Govt Schools (In School Children) should not be enrolled in KGBVs. The Complete guide for Records and Registers to be maintained in KGBVs, Duty Timings of CRTs have already posted. Now Let us see the Admission and Enrollment Guidelines Complete Details
KGBV Admissions Enrollment Guidelines

Rc.353 KGBV Admissions and Enrollment Guidelines for 2014-15 in AP-TG States

  1. 1) KGBV objective is to ensure the 'Access' and 'Quality Education' to Girls of 'Disadvantaged Groups' by setting up 'Residential Pattern Schools' at upper primary level, these Schools are primarily meant for Girls of 'Disadvantaged Communities' such as SC, ST, OBC, and Minorities in the jurisdictions of EBB/ LFL Mandals, however while enrolling the Girl Children in to the KGBVs certain procedural violations in 'Admission and Enrolment' process was observed by the 'State Level Monitoring Officers' which is highly objectionable and absolutely violating of the Govt of India norms.
  2. 2) While visiting the KGBVs 'State Level Monitoring Officers' they assessed that majority of the Children presently admitted in the KGBVs are seems like 'In school Children' its quiet contrast to the enrolment guidelines of KGBVs, this has to be arrested immediately for next future admissions, further it is felt there is a dire necessity to issue strict comprehensive instructions to the field functionaries of KGBVs (SOs & CRTs and other KGBV staff) whoever involves in the process of identification and admitting of the OSC girl children in to the KGBVs.
  3. 3) The Special Officers and CRTs of KGBVs who basically involves in enrolment process by conducting special drives at the beginning of Academic year should have maintain well convergence with all concern local departmental officers like 'MEOs', 'School HMs', 'Labour Department Officers', 'NCLP Officials', 'Anganwadi Workers', and also with the 'Local NGOs' & 'Village Elders' in view of seeking their cooperation in enrolment process and mobilization. KGBV team has to conduct their own survey and have to obtain the complete list of 'OSC Girl Children' of their jurisdiction and should have tally or cross check with other available sources of OSC data like MRCs & Schools, finally the teams should be ready with final list of OSC girl children of their jurisdiction before reopening of the KGBV schools on 1st June 2014.

Enrolment Criteria in KGBV Schools

After reopening of schools the teams of KGBV should conduct special drives in their jurisdiction for admitting Children into the KGBVs with the following categories
  • (i) Girls who have 'Dropped out' or never enrolled
  • (ii) Orphans, Semi-Orphans , Urban Deprived Girl Children
  • (iii) Children from BPL category
  • (iv) In Minority KGBVs, majority admissions should be done with minority girl children especially focus should be on the Muslim Minority Girl Children.
  1. 5) Any deviation from the above guidelines & instructions by the KGBV, SOs or CRTs will be treated as dereliction of ‘prime duty’ and action will be initiated immediately, ultimately it may leads to the removal/ termination of services from the KGBV by treating them inefficient staff, hence the SOs and CRTs together should ensure the team work while making process of enrolment drives, further it is strictly instructed that no ‘in school children’ should be admitted into the KGBV schools.
  2. 6) Each KGBV is permitted to enrol up to 200 children in classes of 6th to 10th, but the following shall be ensured.
    (i) Admissions into KGBVs are for classes 6th to 8th only, in exceptional cases such as orphans, single parent children, etc , admissions may be made to classes of 9th & 10th but with prior approval of Project Officers, RVM (SSA). Normally admissions should not exceed 40 children per class in classes 6th to 8th.
    (ii) Enrolling 120 children in classes of 6th to 8th is inevitable, any gap in these classes in any KGBV that will be viewed as a serious laps and it can treated as inefficiency of the particular KGBV team and finally it will reflect on the individual performance appraisal of Special Officers and CRTs, if there is no vacancy in the KGBVs in the same mandal i.e., if the number 40 per class has been achieved, the eligible girls should be taken to the neighbouring mandal where there is vacancy.
    (iii) In academic year 2013-14 there is a huge enrolment gap of 6147 children from 6th to 8th class in all KGBVs , however we are communicating a list of KGBV wise enrolment gap to the all Secretaries of Societies and Project Officers , RVM (SSA) along with District wise, Category wise percentage of girls enrolled in KGBVs and District wise Category wise population share and also communicating the district wise Gap in enrolment as per the population share for taking immediate necessary action , further it is very crucial to mention that as per the population share there is huge gap of 5623 muslim minority girl children yet to be enrolled in KGBVs.
  3. 7) Accordingly the Project Officers, RVM (SSA) shall hold the overall responsibility of admission procedures as per the guidelines communicated, he should initiate necessary instructions to the all field functionaries to ensure the 100% achievements at district level, deviation of instructions will be viewed seriously.
  4. 8) The District Level Monitoring Officers (Sectoral Officers of DPO) should thoroughly supervise the process of enrolment in their respective allotted KGBV.
  5. 9) Enrolment is a continue process and it should be started immediately and should be completed by 12th June 2014 in all the KGBVs as per the guidelines, however for the Special Cases like Orphans, Urban deprived children and other deprived categories the admission can open for some more time but with special permission of the Project Officers.
  6. 10) The District Level Monitoring Officers should prepare a detailed report in their respective KGBVs regarding number of children admitted, category wise children with certification that ensured the admissions with all out of School children.