10th Physics Formative-Summative Assessment Tests-10th Physics-Lesson Plans

10th Physics Formative-Summative Assessment Tests-10th Physics-Lesson Plans. How to conduct 10th Physics New Syllabus FA and SA Tests and Evaluation. How to prepare 10th Physics Year Plan, 10th Physics Unit Plan, 10th Physics Lesson Plans as per CCE. Let us discuss briefly on How to Assess Students in 10th Class Physics Subject as per New Syllabus. What are competencies in 10th Physics ? Weightage of Marks in 10th Physics in New Syllabus.

 10th Physics Formative-Summative Assessment Tests-10th Physics-Lesson Plans

Before going to the Assessment Tests let us see the Indicators (Competencies) in 10th Physics that should be attained by students at the completion of the chapter.
  1. Conceptual Understanding (విషయావగాహన)
  2. Questioning (ప్రశ్నలు అడగడం - పరికల్పనలు చయ్యడం) .
  3. Experiments - Field Trips (ప్రయోగాలు - క్షేత్ర పరిశీలనలు)
  4. Information Skills-(సమాచార నైపుణ్యాలు)
  5. Drawing-Mapping-( బొమ్మలు గీయడం ద్వారా భావ ప్రసారం )
  6. Real Life Applications etc..-(ప్రశంస, జీవ వైవిధ్యం, నిజ జీవిత వినియోగం  )

Formative Assessment Tools and Indicators for 10th Physics

There are Four Indicators in evaluation of 10th Class Physics. The below Image gives us the clear image of the 10th Physics Formative Assessment Tools and Indicators.
10th Physics New Syllabus Formative Assessment Tools Indicators

10th Physics Lesson Plans - Teaching Physics step by step Process

As discussed earlier in our Maths Lesson Plans post, The Same steps to be continued in preparing 10th Physics Year and Unit Plans. Coming to 10th Physics Lesson Plans Preparation and Teaching the Steps involved are as follows:
  1. Introduction : 1) Greeting 2) Mind Mapping 3) Probing Questions
  2. Reading and Recognising Key Words
  3. Activities
  4. Demonstration-Discussion
  5. Conclusion Evaluation
More Details See the Lesson Plan Blue Print Model Below:
10th Physics Lesson Plans New Syllabus